How Many Chiropractic Visits Do You Have Left?

Avoid pain by using your insurance

Now summer is on its last legs, we start to enter a new season, one of the most spectacular seasons in New York of course, the fall. The golden colors of Central Park, the cooling down of the temperatures and also looking ahead to the holiday seasons. But one of the negatives with the temperatures dropping of course is the fact that many begin to suffer more aches and pains the longer the season goes on. So what can be done about it?

Firstly, prevention is better than cure. If you know you suffer during the colder seasons, then be pro-active about your health and try to do things that will help prevent or at least put at bay, these aches.

Firstly what you can do is to ensure you are still active as possible. Eat well, eat anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, salmon and nuts.

Secondly, you can come and see us and we can help you stay ahead of the pain through chiropractic care or physical therapy. The key is to be aware and to plan ahead so that any pain you would normally experience is kept at a minimum.

So what you should do is check your insurance plan. Most insurances allow a certain number of chiropractic or physical therapy visits each year. At the end of the year they reset back and you don’t get any roll over. See how many visits you have left and then plan those visits out over the next three months. So if you have 6 left, come in and see us twice a month and then you’ll reset in January.

Coming in regularly for treatment will help to ensure that you are adjusted and that your body is functioning properly. If you don’t, then your body begins to dysfunction, scar tissue builds up and then this causes heat and inflammation. And inflammation leads to pain. It’s like rubbing your hands together for a long time, they build up heat, then callouses form, they become inflamed and pain is the result.

An adjustment either through chiropractic or stretches through physical therapy help to break up this scar tissue and prevent inflammation. Your range of motion is restored and you stand a better chance of staying out of pain as the cooler weather approaches.

Check those visits, plan your treatments out and stay out of pain this fall and winter and don’t forget we accept many different insurance companies, in particular United Health Care and Aetna.

If you are in pain, or have any issues, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are here to help you out of pain, to get back to the life you want to lead and to help you maintain and injury and pain free lief.

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