Custom Rehab Programs

Regular exercise and use are necessary for the body to continue functioning properly. Sometimes, there can be a period of bodily disuse resulting from inactivity or atrophy resulting from injury or disease. This disuse can lead to stiffness, decreased mobility, weakness, and pain. Because mobility and function have been limited, in some circumstances it may be necessary for the patient to relearn how to do certain things, such as following a stroke. For many people, it can be difficult or impossible to regain full bodily use on their own.

Custom rehab programs under the guidance of a physical therapist can be helpful for patients recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, as well as those who wish to correct a deformity. It is important to have a comprehensive and progressive recovery program in order to effectively exercise and gradually rehabilitate the affected joints and muscles. Allowing the body to recover and strengthen over an appropriate amount of time is critical for healing, because pushing the body too hard too fast can hurt instead of help.

Initially, a physical therapist will conduct an examination in order to determine the current condition of the body and will then create an appropriate customized treatment plan utilizing the most advanced methods. This plan will be designed to meet the particular needs of the individual patient, with any necessary modifications taken into account. As the patient progresses through the treatment program, further changes and modifications can be made to encourage maximum but timely healing. The custom rehabilitation exercise program will vary in length and intensity, depending on the condition and needs of the individual patient.

Part of the treatment regime will take place during sessions with the physical therapist and there will often be therapeutic and rehabilitate exercises for the patient to continue at home between sessions. Proper sleep, diet, and hydration also play an important role in healing and will be addressed, as well.

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