At Back and Body Medical, we take seriously our pledge of “live pain free.” Our office offers comprehensive care with the rare combination of chiropractor, physical therapist and medical doctor in a single practice.

We are committed to your health and recognize that as each patient has a unique medical history, no treatment should be “one size fits all.” Our individualized approach starts right from the beginning, as we work with you to determine the best and most effective treatment option.

Coordination of care is a given at Back and Body Medical, so stop running to multiple practitioners and take advantage of having all your treatment needs consolidated under one roof.

With many years of experience, we continue to offer the most advanced diagnostic techniques and proven progressive treatments, as well as essential time-tested options. If you are suffering from pain and are unable to live life fully, please contact us today.

Click below on the list of our services to learn more about how we can help you:

Don’t struggle with pain any longer. We are here to help you and to tailor treatments according to your injury or pain. Our treatments are geared to you and not cookie cutter “one size fits all” types of treatment.

Our goal is to get you out of pain and back doing the things you love.

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