Get Back Pain Treatment from the Comfort of Home

While Back and Body Medical is still currently closed due to the Corona virus, our Springfield New Jersey practice is in fact open. We are following CDC guidelines there to ensure a healthy and sanitized environment for patients. So how does this help New Yorkers?

We have opened up a new service utilizing TeleHealth. This system is confidential and secure and enables us to speak with you and help you.

As we have been closed for a couple of weeks so far, we are very mindful that our New York patients may be struggling with their pain. The virus no doubt is the primary focus, but its existence doesn’t mean that back or neck pain have miraculously disappeared.

We know they have not and this is why we want to reach out to our New York patients to help them.

What Can TeleHealth Do to Help?

A good question, because normally, our treatments are very much hands on, but that has never been the only treatment we provide. There are at least two other important aspects of our treatment of our patient and that is education and exercises.

TeleHealth can help us do both and moreover, it is often covered by your insurance!

This means we can help you manage your pain until such time as we receive the all clear and are able to open up again. TeleHealth will help us bridge that gap until we are able to see you in person.

So what can it do?

Once you have made an appointment, we will help you get connected. You can have a one on one private consultation with one of our physical therapists, chiropractors or medical doctor.

We can help you with:

  • any pain issues you are facing
  • problems with being stuck at home and thus unable to move properly
  • help with setting up your home office to help prevent poor posture issues
  • and more.

We will help you strategize and

  • advise on stretches and exercises to help your particular pain points
  • pain relieving tips and advice to ensure you are as pain free as possible
  • help you continue with any current treatments we were working with you on prior to the pandemic

Try Our TeleHealth System

To set up an appointment, all you need to do is to contact Dr Perna at [email protected] He will respond back and provide you with the necessary steps to get you set up.

Moreover, this consultation is covered by many insurances already and thus will help you to remain pain free or manage existing pain. It’s a great way to keep in touch with us and keep us updated with your wellbeing, particularly if we’re already working with you.

Getting through the next few weeks will help you so that when the shutdown is lifted, when you come in, you will be in better shape.

This is just one way where we are trying to make a difference and to help the healthcare system as a whole. Preventing and managing pain as opposed to needing to seek urgent care or ER if your pain is too much.

So remember, schedule a time to connect with us via TeleHealth. Email Dr Perna at [email protected]

This system is convenient and will allow you to still receive treatment from the comfort of your own home.

And don’t forget, these visits are covered by most insurances. To learn more or to see if your insurance will cover your visit, contact Dr Perna today.

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