Is There a Cure for Aging and Diabetes in New York

Is there a cure to diabetes? This is a burning question that comes from many across the world, and while there isn’t a cure for diabetes New York just yet, there are encouraging signs. There actually is some existing evidence that intermittent fasting could have a large effect on diabetes management, increasing longevity, and possibly […]

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Pain Prevention Tips in the Office and on the Job

woman in the office having back pain

Preventative health care is an ongoing trend in Western medicine.  Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen movements in public policy from nations around the world, as governments look at ways to slow the creeping effects of sedentary lifestyles and diets rich in prepared and fast food. If it were up to you, wouldn’t […]

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Worst Mistakes for Treating Your Back Pain

man with back pain

When your back hurts, you’re looking for the fastest way to resolve the pain.  You’ll try anything.  And in our zeal to find the silver pain relief bullet, we sometimes err.  Readers, you’re not doctors, so sometimes folk cures creep into your methodology for treating a sore back. This post details some of the worst […]

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Heat or Ice: What’s Better, When?

heat and ice therapy

There’s so much confusion about whether to apply heat or ice.  To that end, I’ve put together this brief guide in the interest of educating my readers to clear up that confusion. While some of you are old hands, people new to DIY injury treatment should follow the guidelines offered in this post toward more […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome New York Diet Solutions

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome New York diet

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common causes of missed days work. It is often caused by repetitive tasks and even sports utilizing a great deal of wrist activity. If you are particularly prone to carpal troubles, then a special carpal tunnel syndrome diet may help improve your condition. How would a change […]

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Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: We’ve Come a Long Way


I needn’t tell anyone living with fibromyalgia that pain isn’t the only challenge this disease of the central nervous system brings with it.  To make matters worse, people with fibromyalgia deal with the incredulity of those around them. Sometimes, that includes their doctors. But in terms of fibromyalgia pain relief, we’ve come a long way.  […]

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Uh-Oh…Did I Just Hurt Myself? Cold Weather Pain and Injury

woman slips and falls on ice

Just like the recently infamous song says, “Baby, It’s cold outside”.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).  And whether you’re skating with the kids at Rockefeller Center or jogging in the park, you can hurt yourself when it’s cold and get this – it’s easier to do it. One minute you’re doing whatever you’re doing out there […]

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New York Knee Pain Treatment Options

Knee Pain Treatment in New York We have been seeing many knee pain treatment patients in New York recently and wanted to make a blog post that looks at this issue and how to solve it. Knee pain can be caused from a number of things like: degeneration, injury, or wrong movements. Here are some […]

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The Importance of Posture for Breathing and New York Back Pain

a woman in three different posture poses

Something we tell a lot of our New York back pain patients is to watch their posture. Bad posture is obviously bad for your back, neck and so on, but it has other issues that can affect your health. That is breathing. If you think about it, it does make sense and perhaps not so […]

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New York Chiropractic Care for Headaches?

woman with intense headache

Headaches and migraines affect many people, including New Yorkers. Almost 13% of people who suffer from them used chiropractic care to help control them over the past decade. Studies have also shown that chiro care can have a significant impact on headaches in helping to reduce pain and suffering. For instance, a 2011 Canadian research […]

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