What is the Best Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain?

lower back pain

If you’ve been living with chronic low back pain for 3 months or more, your condition is considered chronic. Does that describe you?  Then, that’s probably why you’re here.  You may have given up hope of finding an effective treatment to help with that nagging pain. But giving up hope is so not you.  You’re […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Confusing and Debilitating, but Treatable

carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a widely misunderstood ailment.  Symptoms include pain, numbness and tingling in the hand and wrist. CTS can really slow you down.  We don’t realize how much function in this part of the body matters until something goes wrong and we’re in pain. This post is for those of you struggling with […]

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Spinal Decompression Therapy in New York

spinal decompression therapy

Spinal decompression therapy in New York helps those patients who suffer from spinal problems and back and neck pain. While the source of this pain may emanate from the spinal areas, it can also affect the extremities of the body, arms and legs etc. One of the conditions that can cause this pain throughout the […]

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Relieving the Strain and Pain of “Tech Neck”

neck pain - tech neck

Ah, the Information Age!  We love our little screens, don’t we? Those little screens are ever near, lighting up our lives with all kinds of vital information, like what Kim K word to the Grammys.  We don’t want to miss a minute! And while we’re gathering all that vital information, our heads are bent over […]

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Stretching Doesn’t Mean You can Skip the Chiropractor

man receiving chiropractic treatment

If you stretch regularly, then hats off to you.  You’re doing your body a great favor by keeping it suppler and more mobile.  But just because you’re a stretching master doesn’t imply that you can weasel out of coming to see me. What I do and what you do on your own definitely work together.  […]

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Snow Shoveling Tips to Keep You off the Shelf

man shoveling snow

Snow.  It must be shoveled.  Someone’s gotta do it. And if that someone is you, you’re no stranger to the sheer dread of going out there, shovel in hand, to get it the heck out of everyone’s way.  It’s a dirty job but someone (you) has got to do it. Think of it as a […]

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Chiropractic is a Preferred Alternative to Risky Opioids

a bottle of opioids

I’m not a big fan of opioids, as you may have discerned from some of my previous posts.  Chiropractors know that drugs which kill sensations which are important messages from the central nervous system don’t address the pain’s source.  They don’t heal, for that reason. And in the case of opioids, they’re highly addictive. In […]

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Frosty Weather Causing Joint Pain? Give It the Deep Freeze

young woman with joint pain on winter background

It’s that time of year.  The time of year when hardy Northeasterners like to play tougher than Jason Statham when it comes to the cold. You know who I’m talking about.  Those people who wear board shorts to grab a Saturday morning coffee.  Sometimes they wear those board shorts with flip flops, too. “It’s not […]

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What Can Trigger Point Injections New York Do for You?

Trigger Point Injection New York is another way that your pain can be treated. Trigger point injections is a method of pain treatment used to treat muscle areas which have trigger points and knots that form when the muscles are unable to relax. Since knots can usually be felt underneath the skin, these trigger points […]

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Easy Steps to Healing a Rolled Ankle

rolled ankle

Icy sidewalks.  Busy sidewalks.  You’re going along at your usual brisk pace, when suddenly you’ve rolled your ankle, slipping on that treacherous, slippery ice. It’s one of the most common injuries around and you don’t need to be athletic to do your ankle in.  It can happen to anyone, especially on icy city sidewalks. In […]

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