Does Running in New York Reduce Aging?

spring running

Running in Manhatten, particularly Central Park is one of the best known features of New York City. We see joggers in the park every day, keeping fit and healthy and active. But did you know that running a certain amount each week has been shown to actually slow down the aging process? While we know […]

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Does Your Posture Affect Your Mood?

woman in yoga position for good posture

Believe it or not, the way you stand and sit can have a powerful impact on the way you feel, psychologically. While all our moods aren’t necessarily governed by our physical posture, it does make a difference in the way we feel.  When we’re feeling gloomy and negative, could it be our slouching that’s at […]

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Knee Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Relief

knee pain

An important thing to understand about knee pain is that it can happen to anyone.  You needn’t be elderly.  You needn’t be overweight or an elite athlete. Knee pain can hit anyone, any time. And it really hurts, because without our knee joints, we’re not up to much.  They’re a cornerstone of mobility.  So, this […]

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Habits Causing Your Lower Back Pain

woman with back pain sitting on her bed

We’ve all got bad habits.  I have them, too.  But when it comes to lower back pain, bad habits may be the source of the problem. People who sit at work (or at home) for long periods, who slouch and who have weakened muscle tone are especially at risk.  Those with weak core muscles (abdominals, […]

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The Perils of Sugary Drinks While Pregnant in Manhattan

You don’t have to go far to find a sugary drink in Manhatten. Every cafe, convenience store and restaurant serves them. Have a Coke with your meal, or just to drink while walking down the street, and nobody thinks anything of it. If you’re watching your weight, sugary drinks are the worst. Because they don’t […]

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Is Your Back Pain Caused by Dehydration?

glass of water

Our bodies consist, to a very great degree, of water.  It’s the life force. And we all know that hydrating ourselves with enough water every day is crucial.  We know we need water.  Most of us know that we can’t live very long if we don’t drink it.  That’s because it’s so essential to our […]

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How to Determine if Your Arm Pain is Elbow Bursitis

elbow bursitis

Your elbows are busy little beavers.  While you may not think of them as much more than something to put on the table while you’re eating, they’re joints doing a lot of heavy lifting for the upper body. But the problem with the elbow is that it’s a complex joint, making it susceptible to all […]

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How Does Physical Therapy Help Athletes?

physical therapy for athletes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an elite, professional athlete, or an enthusiastic weekend warrior. There’s no question demand much of your body. But to be in optimal form, training and diet aren’t enough.  You need to know that all systems are go and that you’re up to the challenge, physically. This is where physical therapy […]

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The Vicious Low Back Pain Cycle of New York

lower back pain

Today, we are talking about a research article that a fellow colleague brought to my attention and I  thought it was pretty important to go over: To understand the vicious cycle of low back pain, and how it leads to further problems with your low back. The research comes from the world of neurosurgery where […]

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Should You Try Acupuncture to Treat Arthritis Pain?

arthritis pain

With over 50 million Americans living with various kinds of arthritis pain, it’s important for those in that cohort to know what’s what when it comes to treatment. The problem is that there’s no real cure.  While total knee replacement comes close, it’s an invasive procedure and not everyone’s ready to go there. And so, […]

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