Why Multiple Techniques Are Beneficial to Headaches

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Headaches are a very common patient complaint. Each type of headache has a different underlying cause which needs to be addressed to achieve a satisfactory outcome. A study done in 2020 over the last two decades suggests that the best conservative and non-pharmaceutical approach could be a top down or bottom up approach. Let’s explain what this means.

When a headache is caused by musculoskeletal problems, the study concluded that a bottom up approach will most likely benefit the patient. For example, cervicogenic headaches are mostly caused by dysfunction in the cervical spine. Headache such as this will most likely respond well to cervical spinal manipulation and other forms of manual therapy. These are commonly offered by chiropractors. Tension headaches may have a few underlying causes, but the most common of these is tight muscles in the back of the neck. Treatment to relax his muscles may help reduce the headaches and their frequency.

Migraine research is still being conducted, but what researchers think is the most common cause is chemical interactions in the brain. Researchers reported that a top down approach like cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and neuroscience education could be most helpful to a patient suffering from migraines.

Because each case is unique and headaches have different causes, the study mentions that the ideal bottom up and top down treatments depend on the doctor’s diagnosis. There is no one size that fits all. There are some studies that show that migraine headache patients may experience less headaches after receiving treatments from a chiropractor such as manual therapies.

In conclusion, the study states that a multi modal approach will most likely benefit patients the most. This includes spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization, soft tissue therapies, needling, exercise, specific exercise, and cognitive interventions.

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