Custom Stretching Programs

In order to maintain a good range of joint motion and muscle flexibility, stretching is vital. There are many circumstances and events which can compromise the mobility and strength of the body, such as surgery, injury, illness, and disease. Even a short period of bodily disuse of only a few days can result in muscular atrophy. An appropriate stretching program can help restore strength and mobility, aid and accelerate healing, and reduce tension, pain, and stress. Our custom stretching programs are perfect for this.

Through improper stretching, conditions and pain can actually be worsened. In order to properly begin a stretching program, it is therefore important to have the guidance of a physical therapist. Treatment will begin with the physical therapist examining the patient in order to determine the current mobility of the body. Next, a program will be developed that is customized to the patient’s particular conditions and limitations. Many common stretches can be modified in order for the individual patient to derive the most benefit. As the patient progresses towards healing and begins to recover mobility and strength, the stretching program can be changed in order to remain challenging for the body.

A typical stretching program will incorporate an appropriate combination of stretches, exercises, equipment, and techniques. Some of the treatment will occur at the physical therapist’s office, but it is important for the patient to continue recommended stretches at home in between treatment sessions. The duration of treatment will vary depending on the needs of the individual patient.

Stretching can also be an important component of preventative care. This is true for patients who are athletes or very physically active, as well as for people who want to maintain optimal mobility and strength. Everyone can reap many benefits from following a customized stretching program. By keeping the body flexible, some injuries can be effectively avoided. Stretching can also be utilized to help those who are aging to maintain mobility and strength.

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