What to Do for Chronic Low Back Pain in New York

man with back pain sitting on his bed

Low Back Pain is extremely common in many people in the US. In fact chronic low back pain New York found that about 80 percent of adults have experienced it in their life, and it’s a main effect of job related disability and missed work. The National Institutes of Health even says that more than […]

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Exercises for Improving Cervical Posture

cobra exercise

Poor neck posture is a common challenge for many.  Technology certainly plays a role, with texting being the order of the day and our heads bowed over a mobile device screen for hours at a time. Then there are desk jobs which involve sitting in front of a computer and just plain sitting. Your neck […]

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3 Great New York Low Back Pain Treatments

man with lower back pain in his office

New York low back pain patients are among the most common type of patients we see at Back and Body here in Manhatten. It’s arguably one of the most common complaints in general and accounts for billions of dollars in lost revenue for employers across the nation. It’s caused by a variety of issues including […]

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What to Look for in a Pillow if You Have Sciatica

woman sleeping

Sciatica is a painful condition, often causing a tingling, burning or stabbing sensation which radiates unpleasantly from the lower back down the back of (usually) one leg. This can make sleep something of an impossible dream. But the right configuration of pillows can really help.  Let’s explore what to look for in a pillow if […]

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Swiss Ball New York Exercises to Help Back Pain Patients

Have you ever tried Swiss ball exercises in New York to help with back pain? Studies have been undertaken to see the effects f such exercises and the outcomes were very good particularly with people suffering chronic low back pain. One such study that was published in the 2015 Journal of Sports Science and Medicine […]

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Chiropractic for Football Players and Fans Alike

football player

Today, professional football players have access to highly trained sports medicine practitioners to keep them in fighting form. Professional teams now rely on the presence of professionals like chiropractors to take the best possible care of the players, treating injuries but also maintaining alignment and balance for optimal performance. This reality led to the formation […]

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The Role of the Diet in Manhattan ADHD Patients

broccoli on wooden surface

ADHD is a more common condition these days, many children are being diagnosed with it and more and more medications are being prescribed. While medications have their place, there’s lots of other things that Manhattan ADHD patients can do to help their condition and help more. We recently posted an article on the positive effects […]

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Fibromyalgia – What Are Some Good Exercises?

woman stretching

Fibromyalgia is a very real condition which is widely misunderstood.  Because those who live with fibromyalgia may soldier on despite the pain they’re often in, people tend to think that because they don’t “look sick”, that they’re either hypochondriacs or fishing for attention. And that’s really sad. I treat fibromyalgia sufferers, so I know what […]

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New York Whiplash Doctor Can Help

man in the car with whiplash injury

Our New York whiplash doctor found that studies show that in a rear end collision, injuries described as whiplash associated disorders (WAD) happen because of hyperextension of the lower cervical spine and hyperflexion of the upper cervical spine. This can lead to many injuries to the bony / soft tissues of the neck. Some of […]

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Avoid These Common Exercise Errors

woman exercising

When you strike out to do something new in your life, it’s not unusual to make a few mistakes while you’re trying to get it right.  That’s how we live and learn. And exercise is no different.  If you’ve resolved to change the way you feel with exercise, you’re eager to enjoy the benefits and […]

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