What Has Happened to NYC?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the city was hustling and bustling as usual. The city that never sleeps they say. It’s incredible how potent a small microbe is in shutting down one of the world’s busiest cities the way it has. Within the space of a few short weeks, the city has gone […]

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Get Back Pain Treatment from the Comfort of Home

While Back and Body Medical is still currently closed due to the Corona virus, our Springfield New Jersey practice is in fact open. We are following CDC guidelines there to ensure a healthy and sanitized environment for patients. So how does this help New Yorkers? We have opened up a new service utilizing TeleHealth. This […]

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Keeping Healthy During COVID19 in NYC

COVID19 has hit the state hard and we are seeing more and more cases each and every day here. It’s essential to follow CDC and the governor’s guidelines to help flatten the curve and allow our healthcare services to be able to do what they can to help as many people as they can. Each […]

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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Midtown Manhattan

plantar fasciitis treatment in midtown manhattan

How Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Midtown Manhattan Helps Many people in the United States suffer from plantar fasciitis and do not even know it. Without proper treatment, about half of plantar fasciitis sufferers will have pain and symptoms for more than 10 years. This is where our plantar fasciitis treatment in midtown Manhattan can help […]

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Headache Treatment in Midtown Manhattan

Headache treatment in midtown Manhattan

How Headache Treatment in Midtown Manhattan Can Help About half of the entire population suffers from a headache at some point in their life. Did you know though, that about ¼ of these headaches are cervicogenic or CGH? The difference between CGH is that they are caused by a loss of cervical spine function, which […]

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Does Chiropractic Care Help Sleep?

oes Chiropractic Care Help Sleep

Did you know that around 50-70 million adults in the US have a sleep disorder? An insufficient amount of sleep can be associated with health problems that result in muscle pain. Well there is some good news, chiropractic care from Back and Body NY can help improve sleep, but how? From what researchers understand, the […]

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Does Chiropractic Help Whiplash?

woman in car accident having whiplash

Whiplash associated disorders are symptoms that usually occur after a motor vehicle collision, sports collision, or fall. Whiplash is mainly treated with a non surgical approach, but many people do not know the best non surgical approach to treat it. We at Back and Body NY frequently treat this type of injury and we will […]

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What’s the Best Sleep Position for These Conditions – Part 2

Sleep posture, something that is highly overlooked and not really given any thought. Despite this, Back and Body Medical in Manhattan speaks about when treating patients. Your sleep posture could also be causing your orthopedic problems. Fear not though, because today we will be looking at three common orthopedic problems, and discussing their relation to […]

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What’s the Best Sleep Position for These Conditions – Part 1

Best sleep positions for these conditions

We at Back and Body Medical, New York always want to provide quality information for our patients so as to get the best out of our treatment. Treatment is of course vital to proper recovery, but education is very important too. We have some great information on how best to sleep with certain conditions. This […]

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How to Improve Cervical Posture by Your Manhattan Chiropractor

Bad posture can be a leading cause of back and neck pain. Today, we will be teaching you how to improve cervical posture. What causes bad posture? Bad posture can be inherited, but there are also environmental, social, and other forces that can have an effect on it. Forward head carriage (FHC) is an extremely […]

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