Have You Heard? Expanded Hours in New York City

Back and Body Medical is open

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, none more so than New York City. The city is currently a ghost of its former self, but we have hope that it will return in the future. Like many businesses and organizations in the city, Back and Body Medical has suffered as well. We were closed for a […]

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Did You commute to NYC from NJ?

Back and Body Pain Relief Springfield

Firstly, we want to announce that our New York City office is OPEN an additional day. As well as being open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 5pm, we are now also open on Mondays from 1pm to 6pm. But if you are working from home for the time being and in need of care […]

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The Benefits of Physical Therapy

physical therapy session

Physical therapy is a core treatment here at Back and Body Medical in Manhattan to helping patients out of pain and return to fitness. Our treatment looks at helping patients to relieve pain, improve mobility and also help them understand the issues they are having. Treatment is at our practice, but we also ask patients […]

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New Acpuncuture Therapist at Our Sister Branch

While we’re still on a heavy lockdown here in Manhattan and can only offer basic treatments at present, we would like to encourage anyone who needs further assistance to venture to our Springfield NJ location. We are very happy to announce our new acupuncturist there, David Dias who will be working there Mondays, Wednesdays and […]

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Lumbar Support May Help Back Pain

Back pain relieving braces

Back pain is what we do. The vast majority of conditions we treat all result from back injuries or pain. Our collaborative care of chiropractic, physical therapy, cold laser therapy, medical massage, stim therapy and so on is all designed to be flexible to provide tailor made care to your condition. This along with prescribed […]

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Why You Need to Set Your Office Chair Height Properly

One of the most common injuries we see at Back and Body Medical in Manhattan, believe it or not, is posture issues relating to desk work. It’s very important to not only have a good chair to sit on while at the desk, but also to set it to the correct height. If the chair […]

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Shoulder Exercises

Exercise is a key aspect of returning to fitness and good health in any physical therapy program. It’s no different here at Back and Body Medical. This video below shows a patient at our Springfield, NJ practice going through several shoulder exercises designed to rehabilitate his shoulder and help him recover to fitness. It comes […]

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Mask Acne Treatment

Mask acne

Mask Acne Treatment – How to Improve Your Skin The pandemic has caused mayhem across the planet. We all hope we can get through it as quickly as possible and return to normality soon. It may take some time though and we will most likely be social distancing and wearing masks for some time yet. […]

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We Aim High to Keep You Safe and On the Road to Fitness

Several years ago, my family and I went on a Disney Cruise. It was a great vacation and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. One thing that really impressed me, apart from the things to do and enjoy, was the cleanliness of the ship and the extra lengths the staff went to ensure everything was kept […]

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What Has Happened to NYC?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the city was hustling and bustling as usual. The city that never sleeps they say. It’s incredible how potent a small microbe is in shutting down one of the world’s busiest cities the way it has. Within the space of a few short weeks, the city has gone […]

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