Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix at Back & Body Medical

platelet rich Fibrin Matrix

We have been offering PRP therapy for many years at Back & Body Medical. It’s a great option to help improve the healing time on a variety of injuries and pain points. While the treatment has yielded great results, they can be somewhat erratic and tricky to predict. In the past, the treatment has depended […]

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Hip Pain & Athletic Kids

Hip Pain In Teenagers

The hips form a crucial part of the human structure. They are at the center of the body and provide a great deal of stability and also flexibility too. The bear a great deal of weight and a proper functioning hip is vital to any human. In the younger generation, many activities, sports and other […]

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Texting While Driving is Not a Good Thing – Stats to Back it Up

Texting While Driving is Not a Good Thing - Stats to Back it Up

With the holiday season upon us and more wet and slippery weather to come, the amount of accidents will certainly increase. New York City of course sees its fair share and with the constant stop start traffic, drivers have another thing to contend with – their cell phones. It is so easy when you’re bored […]

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How Traction Can Help Low Back Pain

Traction for back pain relief

We at Back and Body Medical NY have written in the past about mechanical traction for those with neck pain, but we’ve never discussed the possibility of it treating low back pain (lbp). Today, we will be looking at what scientific literature has to say about traction for lbp.  In a 2018 review, researchers looked […]

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Can Whiplash Affect Your Balance?

Can whiplash affect balance?

We at Back & Body Medical in Manhattan help many people with whiplash injuries. The more that whiplash injuries are being studied, the more information being found about how it causes many other health problems is being uncovered. Neck sprains are very serious, unlike an ankle sprain, because the neck is responsible for a lot […]

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Does Spinal Decompression Really Work?

spinal decompression therapy

One of the many treatment options we have at our disposal at Back & Body Medical here in Manhattan is spinal decompression. It’s a form of therapy that uses a machine to gently stretch the spine and decompress the joints. It may sound scary, but in fact it isn’t and the treatment is really good […]

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Accident Prevention Tips

What Do You Do if You've Been in An Accident?

Accidents happen all the time, but we are fast approaching one of the heaviest times of the year as the holiday season is about to start and the roads get worse due to slippery and icy conditions. Prevention is better than cure, and so we’ve collated some great tips from across the net to put […]

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How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Millions


Chiropractic care has grown by so much over the past few years in the US, which is why Chiropractors are the third most common type of doctor following medical doctor and dentist. This number is expected to grow even more because many patients have been seeking alternative treatments to opioids and painkillers. Back and Body […]

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How Back & Body Can Help Crossfitters

How Back & Body Can Help Crossfitters

Here at Back and Body Medical in New York, we strive to help people active in sports. This ranges from a grade school child playing recreational sports to Olympic gold medalists. No matter where you are at in your training, we can help you. We personally have helped the Men’s Winter Olympic Bobsleigh Team prepare […]

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How Are Regenerative Products Produced?

Regenerative Medicine

At our Springfield branch, we have added a new treatment therapy, regenerative medicine. While we don’t currently offer it here at our NY practice, we are more than happy for patients here to use the therapy at the Springfield branch if they wish. Of course, we have many other therapies and treatment options here, but […]

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