Sitting and Spinal Compression

man with back pain sitting at his desk

Sitting.  It’s what we do nowadays.  We love to sit and then sit some more.  At work.  At home.  In our cars. On the train.  The average American spends almost 8 hours a day sitting. Once upon a time, just the work involved in reproducing daily life kept us moving.  We were always moving to […]

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What Can I Do for Low Back Pain? Asks NYC Back Doctor

woman with low back pain

Low back pain (lBP) is a frequent reason people visit the doctor in the US, and most will experience it in their life. Our NYC back doctor went over how spinal manipulation is a top treatment choice for acute and chronic LBP. Now, let’s see the things you can do outside of NYC back doctor […]

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What Is the Kinesio Taping Method?

kinesio taping method

While you may have heard of Kinesiology (the science of movement in the human body), you may not yet be acquainted with the therapeutic practice of Kinesio Taping. As a chiropractor, I’m proud to tell you that this revolutionary rehabilitative tool was developed by one of my colleagues in the discipline, Dr. Kenzo Kase, in […]

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FDA Recommends Chiropractic and Acupuncture

woman with acu needles on her face

The opioid epidemic in the USA has created unique conditions for clinicians.  Many are now faced with finding creative solutions to pain management, which has effectively opened the door to the addition of complementary disciplines to some clinical vocabularies. Epidemics tend to do that.  They inspire new ways of thinking and of doing things. Between […]

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Digging into the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage

While a lot of us think about massage as a way to relax and de-stress, massage is also growing as a therapeutic device to treat chronic pain and profound muscle injuries. Deep tissue massage is turned to by professional athletes as part of their training, as it addresses muscles and soft tissue at their most […]

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The Importance of Core Stabilization Exercises

hip bridge exercise

The core is about a whole lot more than your abdominal muscles.  It includes all the musculature in the trunk or mid-section. And maintaining stability in the core is one of the best things you can do for your spine.  When your core region is strong, you’re less prone to injury, model better posture and […]

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Time to Address Your Lingering Back Pain!

man with back pain sitting on his bed

Whether your lingering back pain is constant or intermittent, if it’s been around long enough, you’ve probably made accommodations for it.  That’s what a lot of people do. Many people with long-term (or chronic) back pain tend to accept it.  They may have tried a variety of therapies that gave temporary relief, but they soldier […]

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Be Forewarned of Backpack Injuries

a boy with school backpack

Backpacks may seem harmless at first glance.  They’re a great way to transport items from point A to point B and you need one when you go camping.  But backpacks are more treacherous than they may appear. For example, 14,000 children and teens sustain backpack injuries every year.  That’s a statistic which shouldn’t even exist, […]

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Manhatten Therapist on Charlie Horses & How to Avoid Them

woman stretching before sport activity

At one time or another, most people have had a Charlie horse or muscle cramp. About 50 percent of adults over 50 suffer from night cramps. Our Manhattan therapist is often asked where these cramps come from and how to get rid of them. A common type of muscle cramp is caused by exercise, which […]

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Jumper’s Knee and What to do About it by Our NYC Therapist

leg pain

Our NYC therapist has some great info about a common knee injury. “Jumper’s Knee” is the term that describes an injury to the tendon that attaches the lower to the prominence on the proximal shin bone. This is the upper pole of the knee cap or patella to the quadriceps femoris muscle. Jumpers knee affects […]

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