What You Should Know About Cold Laser Therapy in Manhatten

You may have heard about cold laser therapy, maybe from a friend or something you saw on tv, but it is a treatment that has actually been around for several decades and has thousands of papers published on it. However, it hasn’t been until the last four or five years that it has started really […]

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3 Ways to Relieve Back Pain in Manhatten

3 Ways to Relieve Back Pain (Number 3’s Our Favorite) Back pain is unfortunately one of the most common problems people suffer from. Indeed, up to 80% of people in the US will suffer some form of back pain at some point in their lives. We see many people in our Manhatten office in New […]

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Congratulate me! I’m now SFMA Certified

I am now certified in Selective Function Movement Assessment.  This is a tool for meshing the diverse services we offer at Back & Body Medical. How that’s done is by providing a common benchmark for all our clinicians to assess movement.  When we’re all on the same page in terms of a template, accuracy is […]

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How to Put the Spring Back in Your Step


Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, etc.  But how are you doing, as winter lingers and you anxiously await the opportunity to see the grass again and feel the sun on your face? The winter doldrums can see us anxious to get out and enjoy spring weather, but they can also make us feel […]

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Injuries to Look Out for During Softball Season

softball on the grass

Whether you’re a kid playing on a community team, or an adult repping for your employer, softball is a fast-paced sport that can easily result in injury. That’s especially true in the spring.  If you’ve been sitting around in the family cave to weather the winter, chances are you haven’t been very active.  That’s an […]

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Is Your Shoulder Pain Coming from the Rotator Cuff?

woman with aching shoulder

Your shoulders are work horses of the body.  They’re responsible for a lot of heavy lifting (speaking literally, of course).  When you hurt your shoulders, they’re going to protest, whether you’re sitting at the computer, scrubbing a counter, sanding a table, or lifting a box onto a high shelf. If one or both of your […]

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How to Prevent Hamstring Injuries in Hockey

hockey player on ice

People who play any team sport are usually dedicated to it.  They want to play the best game they possibly can, so they may neglect training their bodies in ways which are not directly related to the techniques required to play well. Hockey players are no different in this respect.  They hit the ice with […]

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What to Expect at your First Chiropractic Visit

woman at the chiropractor's office

So, you’re coming to see me for the first time.  You have no idea what to expect, but you’ve heard all the “bone cracker” stories and you’re a little backed up against the wall. Newbies to chiropractic care often have a lot of questions about what I’m going to do.  But the truth is that […]

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The Critical Art of Recovery for CrossFitters

woman crossfitter putting chalk on her hands

CrossFit is a kind of madness with a method.  Those who love this type of training push themselves to the limit.  They often ask more of their bodies than they should. A common malady of the Crossfitter is a failure to recover adequately from extreme exertion.  With any kind of sustained physical activity, it’s 100% […]

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What Are the Most Common Baseball Throwing Injuries?

baseball player throwing a ball

Throwing that speedy little ball is one of the most common causes of injuries in the great American sport of baseball. And no one epitomizes the art of throwing the ball more than the pitcher.  So, our exploration of injuries in baseball will focus on this player’s challenges, as we answer the question, “What are […]

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