Why Posture Plays a Vital Part of Back Pain Relief

Back pain is the most common condition we see at Back & Body Medical here in Midtown Mahattan. Thankfully we have many different treatment solutions to help combat the pain and injury, chiropractic care, physical therapy, cold laser therapy and more. But wouldn’t it be better not to have to deal with it in the […]

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The Viability & Safety of Chiropractic Care in Midtown Manhattan

We’ve been providing chiropractic care for patients in Midtown Manhattan for years. We have the knowledge and experience behind us along with the thousands of happy patients who are no longer in pain. We know chiropractic care works and patients do as well. For many of the medical community, chiropractic care has been looked down […]

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Back & Body Ironmen

Back & Body Ironman

Back and Body for years has been known to help people through their aches and pains while training for races.  We understand if you can’t give it your all during training due to pain you will not preform well on race day. We are so honored to treat these athletes on their way to becoming […]

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Neck Exercises to Relieve Headaches & Neck Pain

You wouldn’t believe the number of patients we have seen that exhibit symptoms of neck pain and headaches. While there are many causes of these conditions, a lot of the time it’s simply to do with posture and some simple exercises can help remedy that. So while technology is causing us to tilt our heads […]

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Staying Active Helps Improve Recovery

We are very much an evidence based practice here in Midtown NYC and are constantly studying, learning and practicing results and conclusions from studies and new research. It’s incredible how far healthcare has come in the past 30 years in that what was preached in the 70s is not necessarily practiced today. Now that doesn’t […]

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The Link Between Whiplash and Jaw Pain

While neck pain is most commonly associated with whiplash associated disorder (WAD), patients often report jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain following a car accident, sport injury, or slip and fall. Common symptoms associated with temporomandibular disorders (TMD) include pain in the jaw joint area (in front of the ear), neck and shoulder pain, ear […]

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5 Great Back Pain Relieving Tips

Back pain tips

Why is it always on a Friday evening that something goes wrong? If it’s not a plumbing issue, it’s a healthcare issue. Always when it’s harder to get access to the help you need. Back pain is no different. Perhaps you injured your back playing sport or you sat for too long at work, but […]

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What Can be Done to Resolve Ankle Injury?

Injuries to the ankle may seem like they heal quickly as pain subsides generally within a week, but in truth, it can take a lot longer than that, it’s common that repeat injuries occur because the original injury hasn’t been treated properly. At Back & Body New York, we use evidence based therapy to treat […]

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Lift Weights the Right Way & Avoid Injury

Weightlifting proper procedure

Proper weightlifting techniques and protocols are necessary to avoid injury and being laid up out of training. Unfortunately, even the best intentions sometimes still can’t help someone avoid injury and so we see them in our practice seeking our many treatment options to get out of pain, into recovery and ultimately back in the gym. […]

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Get Your Visits Used Up Before the End of the Year

Health Insurance Use Up Your Visits

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing why it’s important to use up any visits you have left on your insurance. We’ve already seen patients taking advantage of this, some who were not even in pain, but realized they could be adjusted and improve their wellbeing while having insurance cover it. Remember, insurance might […]

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