Discover How We Test Radicular Pain in the Arm

Test Radicular Arm Pain

How We Test Radicular Pain in the Arm

Pain is primarily associated with muscle, tendon, or ligament injuries, but did you know that irritated nerves could also be the primary pain source? Tensile stretch or nerve compression usually occurs because of this, and unfortunately, this condition is usually a difficult one to treat. Today, we will be going over these diagnoses and treatment for these radicular symptoms.

Neurodynamic testing is one way to test and help manage your radicular arm pain. Because these tests are not vry specific or sensitive, using multiple tension tests could help rule in cervical radiculopathy. 

These four tests serve four main roles, which we will be reviewing here! 

Number 1: Evaluation:

You must take a test in order to even be evaluated for radicular pain, so that is your first step.

Number 2: Management:

Nerve flossing is a technique that reduces normal neurodynamics and could help resolve other radicular pain symptoms. When you do the flossing, one end of the nerve will tension while simultaneously releasing tension on the other end. Adhesions can be released that form along the way as well.

Number 3: Clinical Audit Process (CAP):

The clinical audit process measures how a condition changes as a result of treatment. Usually chiropractors use range of motion as their primary cap. For radiculopathies, nerve tension tests should be considered as the cap. If you are receiving the correct intervention, improvements in your pain will occur. A nerve tension test will be performed before and after the treatment as well.  

Number 4: Patient Education:

The more you know, the more you grow! If you as a patient are educated about treatments and the root of your pain, it will put you in a much better place to trust your doctors. You will be more inclined to continue these exercises at home for longer lasting results.

If you are suffering in pain, we can help. Through chiropracticphysical therapy and other treatment options, we have many options to help you. Schedule an appointment today or call us (212) 371-2000

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