Some Great Exercises to Counter Poor Posture

Some Great Exercises to Counter Poor Posture

Poor Posture in Manhattan

One of the chief complaints we see in our Midtown Manhattan practice is a result of poor posture. Poor posture is responsible for a lot more health problems than you may have previously thought. Poor posture is common in today’s society with the use of electronic devices. In addition to sitting up straight, limiting electronic usage, and holding devices at eye level, at home exercises can provide a great deal of relief and improvement. Let’s take a look at five exercises with instructions that you can do at home to help improve your posture.


Pectoral Stretch: Grab a door jam and rotate your body outward. This allows your arm to pull back until you feel a firm stretch in the chest wall muscles (hold this for three-to-ten seconds until the muscle loosens). Move your hand upward and downward and repeat, stretching the different muscle fibers of the pectorals. Repeat on the opposite side.


External Rotation: Use a light weight (2lbs-10lbs), and lie on your side with the upside elbow bent 90 degrees, slowly raise the weight toward the ceiling, and then lower it back down. You can also use a Thera-Band or Thera-Tubing from a sitting or standing position and perform bilaterally at the same time.


Scapular Abd-/Add-uction: Form a push-up position (from your feet or knees) and keep your elbows locked straight. Drop the chest to bring the shoulder blades together and then reverse the motion, raising your chest to spread the shoulder blades out as far as they can go. Repeat and add more reps. This retracts your shoulders and strengthens your interscapular muscles.


Chin Retractions: From a sitting, standing, or supine position, tuck your chin in while you look straight ahead. Then, nod your chin down and up. This strengthens your deep neck flexor muscles that help stabilize your cervical spine. Try adding some resistance by pushing your chin into your fist while goin up and down.


Neck Stretch: With your left hand, reach over the side of your head and pull the right side of your head/neck sideways to the left. Do this first while looking up (pull sideways and back), then slowly rotate your head left and right feeling for the stretch in the front and side of your neck.

By performing these exercises, you will improve your posture greatly. In addition, be sure to visit us today in order to make this process quicker, smoother, and easier. We will use manual therapies such as mobilization and manipulation to improve your posture.

Do you have pain or discomfort? Reach out today! Through chiropracticphysical therapy and other treatment options, we have many options to help you. Schedule an appointment today at our Midtown Manhattan practice or call us (212) 371-2000

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