6 Great Fall Back Pain Prevention Tips

Fall Pain Relieving Tips

Keeping Injury Free this Fall

Fall is finally upon us and those warm days of summer have finally gone. It’s been a warm 6 months this 2022, but the season has finally changed. And with this change comes things to be aware of to help you prevent back pain or other injury.

Check out our tips to help you deal with this change while keeping in good shape.

Tip 1 Wear appropriate footwear

It was great wearing the flip flops the past several months. But now is the time to change those shoes up and wear ones that not only provide good support for your feet and ankles, but have good grip to ensure you don’t slip over. With more rain, more leaves on the ground and colder days leading to frosts, the surface is going to be slippery and slips can create injuries including back pain.

Tip 2 Walk more carefully

Following directly on from tip 1, be more aware with how you walk. As there will be many leaves on the ground, they may hide obstacles such as unsmooth paving or rocks and so on. So be more aware of what you are walking on.

Tip 3 Keep your hands free

At this time of year, it’s not a great idea to walk around with your phone in your hand. Put it away safely in a pocket and keep your hands free in case the worst happens and you do fall over. Having hands free enables you to use them to help break a fall and thus reducing chances of injury.

Tip 4 Leaf cleanup

If you are cleaning up leaves on your property, be aware it is an exercise and that you should do some simple warm up exercises. If you have a lot of clean up, take frequent breaks and don’t over do it. Get help in if necessary or hire someone to do it. Again, wear appropriate footwear and follow the first three tips here as well.

Tip 5 Wear a back brace

A great way to prevent back pain if you’re doing any form of clean up work is to wear a back brace. These braces help provide support to your back and enable you to work pain free.

Tip 6 Be careful when jogging

This is a great time of year to jog as the temperatures are cooler, but it is also a good time to invest in new running shoes and to pay particular attention to the grip as well. Once again, you don’t want to be out jogging and slipping over causing injury, so appropriate running shoes for the time of year is essential.

So while fall is a beautiful time of year with cooler temperatures and stunning colors, it is also a time of change where the conditions are not as friendly as they were in warmer times. Be careful, dress appropriately and ensure that you are well prepared for the time.

If you have suffered an injury or are in pain, we are here to help. We offer many treatments all under one roof from chiropractic to massage therapy to physical therapy. Whatever your condition, we will find the right treatment package for you.

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