How Knee Pain Can Be Reduced

How Knee Pain Can Be Reduced

How Knee Pain Can Be Reduced

Many suffer from knee pain, and patients wonder if chiropractic manual therapies are able to help manage their pain. In most cases, this answer is yes, we at Back and Body Medical can certainly help with how knee pain can be reduced. Let’s look at what the research has to say about using manual therapies to help knee pain and disability.

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis studied the effectiveness of manual therapy for relieving pain, dysfunction, and stiffness in patients. The survey went over 14 studies which showed that manual therapy offered statistically significant benefits in relieving pain, stiffness, and improving function. The best results were obtained: one treatment was extended for four or more weeks. 

In 2021, A study was done where researchers found that knee pain patients who received treatments that included manual therapy and exercise experienced better improvements in pain and functions then those in an exercise only group.

A study done in 2020 reported that mobilization is an effective treatments in weight-bearing and nonweightbearing positions. Another study recommended addressing alignment, and muscle imbalance for knee pain.

A review published in 2021 looked at the importance of patient education with knee specific exercise intervention. Patients should make sure that they are educated on their condition. This will help get them the greatest improvement in their pain.

These are just four of many studies that show how knee pain can be reduced. At Back and Body Medical here in Manhattan, we have helped many patients out of knee pain. Our collaborative care treatments which include chiropractic treatments have shown great success.

If you have knee pain, don’t put it off any longer. Schedule an appointment today and let us help you. We are here and know how knee pain can be reduced.

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