How Knee Pain Can Be Reduced at Back & Body Medical

How Knee Pain Can Be Reduced

How Knee Pain Can Be Reduced in New York City

Knee pain is a prevalent issue affecting countless individuals worldwide. Patients often wonder if chiropractic manual therapies can help manage their pain and improve their quality of life. The good news is that, in most cases, chiropractic care is just one way on how knee pain can be reduced here in NYC. At Back and Body Medical, we are committed to providing evidence-based treatments to alleviate knee pain and discomfort. Let’s delve into the research on manual therapies and their effectiveness in addressing knee pain and disability.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Manual Therapy for Knee Pain:

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis evaluated the effectiveness of manual therapy in relieving pain, dysfunction, and stiffness in patients with knee pain. The review encompassed 14 studies, revealing that manual therapy offers statistically significant benefits in reducing pain, alleviating stiffness, and improving function. The most favorable results were observed when treatment was extended for four or more weeks, emphasizing the importance of a sustained therapeutic approach.

The Combined Benefits of Manual Therapy and Exercise:

A 2021 study discovered that knee pain patients who received treatments combining manual therapy and exercise experienced better improvements in pain and function than those in an exercise-only group. This finding highlights the value of a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates both manual therapy and exercise to effectively address knee pain and disability.

Mobilization Techniques and Addressing Muscle Imbalances:

A 2020 study reported that mobilization techniques are effective treatments for knee pain in both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing positions. The study also recommended addressing alignment and muscle imbalances for optimal knee pain relief. By considering these factors, practitioners can create more tailored and effective treatment plans for their patients.

The Importance of Patient Education:

A review published in 2021 examined the significance of patient education in conjunction with knee-specific exercise intervention. Ensuring that patients are well-informed about their condition and treatment options is crucial in achieving the best possible outcomes. An educated patient is more likely to actively participate in their treatment plan and experience greater improvements in pain management.

Chiropractic Care at Back and Body Medical in Manhattan:

These four studies are just a glimpse of the extensive research supporting the use of chiropractic manual therapies for reducing knee pain. At Back and Body Medical, we have successfully helped many patients overcome knee pain through our collaborative care treatments, which include chiropractic care. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible care using the latest research and treatment techniques.

If you are experiencing knee pain, don’t wait any longer to seek help. At Back and Body Medical, we understand how to reduce knee pain through evidence-based chiropractic manual therapies and are eager to assist you in your journey toward a pain-free life.

Schedule an appointment today, and let our skilled practitioners guide you through a customized treatment plan designed to address your specific needs and help you regain your mobility and overall quality of life.

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