Leg, Knee and Foot Pain: Relief without Meds or Surgery

leg pain

Leg pain and discomfort are very common. If you are experiencing leg pain, do not reach for painkillers right away. There are other more natural ways to get rid of the pain.

It is crucial to make a right diagnosis, to find out the causes.

The causes of leg pain

  • Musculoskeletal issues – this includes muscle sprains and strains, fractures, cramps, osteoarthritis, myalgia, and bone cancer.
  • Damage/irritation in the nervous system – sciatica, shingles, peripheral neuropathy.

Here are some tips how to relieve your pain:

Do some exercise

If you aren’t used to exercising, start slowly. Stretch in a safe way to reduce muscle tension. Leg pain stretches include hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, calf stretch, and hip flexors stretch. Do some pilates. Take a break from your work and go for a nice walk. Swimming is a great idea and it’s fun. Do Yoga.

Eat properly

Eat more food that has anti-inflammatory properties. Introduce plenty of these foods in your daily life: green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, olive oil, fish, nuts, and fruits. Reduce processed and fried food or drinks like soda that has too much sugar. Avoid caffeine.

Drink water

Staying hydrated is essential. Drink enough water (6 to 7 glasses per day). Also, try some healthy herbal teas.

Get yourself good shoes

To save yourself from twisted or broken ankles, choose well-fitted shoes and, when possible, shoes of good quality. This is especially important when exercising. Your feet can also suffer from heel spurs, bunions or neuroma.

Take a magnesium or potassium supplement

Magnesium and potassium are two electrolytes that can prevent muscle cramps. Although it’s best to get them through food, you can also find a good supplement.

Use an ice compress

Wrap some ice cubes in a towel, apply to the affected area for 15 minutes and do this few times per day.

Get some massage

This is an excellent way to reduce pain. You can do self-massage, but we recommend to find a trained person to do it. Back & Body Medical can help! A medical massage will reduce your pain and you will have better circulation through your leg.

Physical Therapy

Also, get some help from physical therapy. The therapist will alternate between passive and active types of therapy and relieve your pain. It involves kinesiology, electrotherapy, manual therapy, and exercise.

For more info about this treatment, contact Back & Body Medical!

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