Back Pain – How Best to Treat it

how best to treat back pain

Back pain is very common in the United States. From trauma induced injury to slow degeneration to simple wear and tear, there are many reasons why a person would have back pain. In many cases, as soon as someone has back pain, they often reach for a pain killer of some description, or apply ice […]

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How to Halloween Around Covid

Halloween Manhattan 2020

COVID has impacted our lives in various ways. The economy has taken a battering and many millions are still struggling for work. Socially, we are still impacted heavily and with the holiday fast approaching, with Halloween being the first of these, we felt it a good time to collate some top tips for being able […]

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Working at Your Home Office

We know we’ve focused a lot on home office set ups over the past few weeks. We have been seeing an increase in patients who are in pain due to improperly set up environments so we feel we need to push a little more to get the message out there and help people. This video […]

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Setting Up Your Home Office

Our team over at our Springfield branch, Back and Body Pain Relief, recently put together a couple of videos showing how to effectively set up a home office to ensure that you are working at the optimal position so as to reduce and prevent neck and back pain. You can see the video below. The […]

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My Home Office Setup – How I Found Success

In my previous post, I discussed my experience in how I built myself up mentally to working from home. You can see it here. This post will delve into my actual set up and what I have done to make myself comfortable and effective. I am lucky, the room my office is in is a […]

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What You Need to Do When Working from Home

I’ve been working for Dr Perna for close to 4 years now. I help with his marketing efforts and have been working from my own home for around 5 years now. From a work perspective, the pandemic hasn’t affected me too much and it’s been interesting to see how others have been coping with their […]

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Pandemic V2.0 – The Pandemic of Bad Backs

the pandemic of bad backs

Covid19 has changed so many lives. Many lives have been sadly lost, others have survived but have long term health issues from the virus, and thankfully most who have experienced it have recovered and are back to normal health. In the business world, many businesses have had to close their doors for good as shutdowns […]

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Back and Body Medical’s 3 Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Following on from our first post about Back and Body Medical’s chronic pain treatment options, we’re going to look at the next three options we have available, namely spinal decompression, medical massage, and electric stim. These are all very useful therapies and help patients out of pain and on the road to recovery. Let’s take […]

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3 Treatment Solutions for Chronic Pain – Part 1

Treatment Solutions for Chronic Pain

Pain relief is our goal at Back and Body Medical and with have many treatment solutions for chronic pain. Pain is that nasty sensation that our brain receives as high intense stimuli on a part of our body. It’s there to tell us to pull back from what’s causing the sensation or telling us there’s […]

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Exercise Treatment for Back Pain, Why?

Exercise for back pain

Exercise Treatment for Back Pain & Other Symptoms Your back pain relief and return to fitness is our goal. We have helped thousands of patients from all walks of life over the years here in Manhattan. We hope to continue in the future too. While our evidence based treatments have done their jobs, it’s the […]

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