NYC Chiropractor: Do Not Drink Diet Soda

Soda being poured into glass with ice

I’ve taken to this blog to talk about diet soda before.  But for this post, I feel compelled to let readers know that there’s a new study about diet soda which demands their attention. If you’re a diet soda drinker, I’m here to tell you that this study’s results are not pretty.  Published on April […]

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NYC Chiropractor: 4 Foods to Prevent/Manage Diabetes

broccoli on wooden surface

Diabetes is a public health emergency in the USA.  Statistics don’t lie.  They’ve been telling us, for decades, that our sedentary lifestyles and poor food choices are creating a nation of people who are ill with this disease, in both its Type 1 and Type 2 manifestations. Almost 30 million Americans have diabetes, with 1 […]

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Menopause Associated With Degenerative Disc Disease

woman in older age

While we know that osteoporosis is closely associated with aging in women, a new study suggests that menopause presents women with the further risk of degenerative disc disease.  The study was recently published in the journal Menopause, of the North American Menopause Society. Using a sample of women against a control group of similarly aged […]

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Man’s Best Friend May Help You Get Fit

a little cute dog holding a leash in his mouth

Dogs.  Everybody loves them.  Coming in all shapes and sizes, our canine buddies bring joy and unconditional love into our homes. Many people swear that their canine companions keep them fit, too.  Normally sedentary people are transformed in the energetic presence of a dog, because dogs of all kinds need to get out and explore.  […]

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Suffering From an Injury This Summer?

woman at the summer beach spreads her hands wide

NEW YORK, NY – 20 July, 2017 We wait all year for summer to come around, with its warm weather and numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.  Nothing can put a bigger cramp in your summer style than an injury. I ought to know.  As a physically active person, I know there’s nothing worse than being […]

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Summer Fitness: 3 Great Ways to Kick It Up a Notch

two young woman doing push ups and giving high five

NEW YORK, NY – 17 July, 2017 If you’re like most people, your summer dance card is already full of fun events.  With the back yard primed and ready for BBQs with friends and family, this is the time of year we all look forward to moving life outdoors. Outdoor concerts, vacation plans and hitting […]

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5 Workouts to Boost Your Testosterone This Summer 2017

three men lifting weights in the gym

Testosterone is the hormone associated with masculinity, even though women also have the hormone (in lower levels).  In men, testosterone is an important element in their physical makeup which helps them build lean muscle mass. Consider that male testosterone levels are at their peak at age 20.  By age 40, those levels decline at a […]

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4 Green-Colored Vegetables to Boost Heart Health

green vegetables

Mom always said to eat your vegetables and we all know how right she was.  Renewed public interest in nutrition is vindicating moms who made us sit at the table until we stopped playing with our broccoli and finally ate it. This post is dedicated to your heart.  It’s the engine of your body, pumping […]

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In Case You Were Wondering – Here Are the Top 5 Health Benefits of Crossfit 2017

woman from the back holding weights

Over the past decade and a half, Crossfit has become a giant in the fitness world.  Everywhere you go, Crossfit seems to be taking over.  Because of its variety and intensity, more and more health-aware people are seeking it out. This post discusses the top 5 health benefits of Crossfit 2017 and how it can […]

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New to Crossfit? Here Are 5 Quick Tips for Crossfit Workout Recovery

woman working out

Crossfit is a growing fitness trend that’s highly demanding and highly effective.  In another post, I’ve described some of this dynamic exercise program’s health benefits.  Here, I’m going to talk about 5 quick tips for Crossfit workout recovery. If you’re new to Crossfit, you’re in the starry-eyed devotee stage, no doubt about it.  That happens […]

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