4 Green-Colored Vegetables to Boost Heart Health

green vegetables

Mom always said to eat your vegetables and we all know how right she was.  Renewed public interest in nutrition is vindicating moms who made us sit at the table until we stopped playing with our broccoli and finally ate it. This post is dedicated to your heart.  It’s the engine of your body, pumping […]

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In Case You Were Wondering – Here Are the Top 5 Health Benefits of Crossfit 2017

woman from the back holding weights

Over the past decade and a half, Crossfit has become a giant in the fitness world.  Everywhere you go, Crossfit seems to be taking over.  Because of its variety and intensity, more and more health-aware people are seeking it out. This post discusses the top 5 health benefits of Crossfit 2017 and how it can […]

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New to Crossfit? Here Are 5 Quick Tips for Crossfit Workout Recovery

woman working out

Crossfit is a growing fitness trend that’s highly demanding and highly effective.  In another post, I’ve described some of this dynamic exercise program’s health benefits.  Here, I’m going to talk about 5 quick tips for Crossfit workout recovery. If you’re new to Crossfit, you’re in the starry-eyed devotee stage, no doubt about it.  That happens […]

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Winter Sports, Injuries and Prevention

a man skiing

Most of us tend to “nest” during the winter, hunkering down in our cozy homes, having as little to do with the season as possible.  But there’s another breed of human out there – a breed of human that loves to go out in the snow and play. Winter sports carry with them a responsibility […]

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Chronic Pain and Pain Management on the Upper East Side

image of back and neck pain with radio frequency

Coping with a condition causing chronic pain is a challenge faced by so many today.  It’s an invisible disability.  Everything “looks” OK from the outside, but on the inside, chronic pain sufferers face a daily pain management struggle.  Added to that challenge are attitudes about painful conditions like fibromyalgia. When you look just fine, people […]

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Migraine Relief – Let’s Silence that Jackhammer in Your Head

woman with headache

When you’ve got a migraine, it can seem like a jackhammer is pounding in your cranium.  The disabling, throbbing pain of migraines is a debilitating reality for people all over the United States of America, affecting 38 million people. Let’s face it.  New York City is loud.  Proudly so.  But when you suffer from migraines, […]

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The 6th Most Debilitating Illness in the World

woman with migraine

Migraine headaches are no joke.  Every day, 38 million Americans suffer from them, but the global statistics are staggering – 1 billion people suffer from disabling migraine pain.  These numbers cry out for medical responses which are effective, offering pain relief for this widespread neurological problem. At Back & Body Medical, we treat migraine sufferers […]

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Which Is It? Bulging Disc Or Herniated Disc? Let Back And Body Medical Break It Down For You.

When you’re suffering from the pain associated with a bulging or herniated disc, you may be confused about the proper name for the condition.  A lot of people are.  That’s because this condition is referred to by a wide array of terms.  These include “pinched nerve”, ruptured disc, slipped disc and torn disc.  For our […]

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Why Try Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Impingement

You’re going about your usual activities–reaching for something on the upper shelf, hoisting your bag onto your shoulder, waving goodbye to a friend – when suddenly, something in your shoulder seems to “catch.” The pain sears through your arms to your shoulders toward the neck. The ache becomes more persistent, especially when you’re sleeping (or […]

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Non-Surgical Decompression – NYC Sciatica Sufferers' Treatment Option

The sciatic nerve refers to a group of nerve roots found in the spinal bones or vertebrae. The sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, goes from the lower back down to the muscles of the buttocks to the legs and feet. Irritation or pressure on this nerve leads to the condition known as […]

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