Who Will Respond Best to Care for Low Back Pain Asks 10022 Chiropractor

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Back pain is something most people will experience at some point in their lives, we see many patients each and every day in our Manhatten 10022 chiropractor clinic suffering from it for example. But is it possible to work out how each patient will respond and to what treatment or exercise? Let’s take a look.

A 2011 study was conducted to see what type of back pain patients would benefit from exercise coupled with spinal manipulation. The researchers looked at patients to see who would benefit from this and who might need alternative or more aggressive treatment.

The tests were carried out using two concepts for measurement. The first, known as Directional Preference identifies areas of movement where the patient feels worse or better. So for example, they may feel better bending forwards and worse bending backwards or vice versa.

The second control called Centralization, sees the effect on leg pain if it is present or not. If it is present, then the patient should refrain from any exercise that causes an increase in leg pain.

The study sample was 584 patients who all suffered from low back pain. The researchers found that 60% of the patients had a Directional Preference and about 60% of them had Centralization as well.

The tests continued and researchers discovered that the patients who had minimal to no Centralization responded best to spinal manipulation and exercise in relation to better function and reduced pain.

In contrast, the patients with Centralization responded less well to this form of treatment.

The conclusion of course is that a chiropractor will be quickly able to examine and to filter each patient into a form of treatment where the patient is going to respond best to a type of treatment. It quickly allows them to identify those patients who will need a more comprehensive care plan from those who will be able to respond to regular treatment.

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