Whiplash and Recovery – How Long Does It Take?

woman with neck brace due to whiplash

Ouch!  Whiplash!

While every case of whiplash is a little different due to body mechanics, physical resilience and the nature of the impact causing the injury, there are some steadfast rules of thumb concerning the recovery process.

You, as a patient, have much to do with your recovery time.  Whiplash and recovery – how long does it take, is a brief guide for those contemplating getting well and wanting to take healing into their own hands.

The Truth About Whiplash

The truth is that a whiplash injury is any kind of impact which causes injury to muscles, tendons and other soft tissue around the upper vertebrae.  It needn’t be a back and forth “whipping” injury.

Without proper care and attention, whiplash can lead to chronic pain and dysfunction.  And you may not even feel as though you’ve been injured.  Some people feel nothing for days or even weeks.  That’s why it’s so important to seek out a professional medical opinion if you’ve been in involved in an accident that’s caused sudden, forceful movement in the neck.

Common Symptoms

Many people who’ve sustained a whiplash injury start manifesting symptoms without 24 hours of the injury.  These can range from headaches, to dizziness, to shoulder and back pain, to nausea.

If you believe you may have a whiplash injury, even if you’re not manifesting these symptoms yet, then get to a doctor.  Get checked.  Not getting attention early can lead to weeks or months of pain.

So Why Doesn’t It Hurt Right Away?

Our bodies are smart machines.  When an impact or trauma like whiplash occurs, the body often responds by protecting itself in an interesting way.  It goes into a type of physical shock which can mask symptoms.

And that’s a little dangerous.  You know something’s happened.  Just because it doesn’t hurt yet, doesn’t mean to say it isn’t going to.  Any kind of trauma to the head and neck should be taken very seriously and that means not sucking it up.  Getting help is the key to a successful recovery.

I Can Help

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, my hands have been carefully trained to detect anomalies in the structures of the spine and to detect where there may have been stress on the nervous system.

If you’ve been in an accident or have undergone an event which you fear may impact the integrity of your upper vertebrae, coming to me is the first thing you should do.

With tools like manipulation and adjustment, I can help your neck function the way it did prior to impact.  Even if you’re not experiencing dysfunction yet, it’s not worth risking months of recovery.  Come in early and get treated and your recovery will be much more expeditious.

Instead of throwing a bunch of anti-inflammatories at you, a chiropractor will get to the heart of the problem and address it.  My job is to promote healing by restoring balance between the systems of the spine and the nervous system.

Think you may have a whiplash injury?  Let me help.

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