What is a Multi Disciplined Medical Practice?

This is a question we’ve been asked many times in the past. People have asked us are you a chiropractic office? Physical therapist? Massage practice? And more. The answer to that question is yes, and we are all. Our practice here in New York has been modeled on a multi disciplined based practice and this means that we are able to offer a wide variety of services. Plus many other benefits too.

What does a multi disciplined practice mean?

Well, if you look at our service list, you will see that we are able to do a lot for you. If you are in pain, we will most likely have the solution for you. And the solution might actually be more than one service combined with other services.

You see this is the beauty of our system. If your pain has a more complex cause, our medical team will collaborate and discuss your condition. They will develop the optimal treatment plan for you based on your needs. And because everything is done in house, we are all on the same page and able to give you an answer much sooner than if we had to refer you out.

It also means that we don’t have to send your records out or wait to discuss with a doctor we have referred you to out of our office. Communication is consistent and much more efficient.

Furthermore, because we know each other well, we have a decent amount of knowledge of each other’s disciplines so that we can really be sure we are on the same page.

High quality care

Our team consists of chiropractors, physical therapists and even a medical doctor along with all relevant support staff. Furthermore, one of our board directors, Dr Dave Perna, has substantial experience in sports injuries and has continued his post graduate studies to such an extent, that he has worked with the Men’s Winter Olympic team on several occasions. You can read more about his qualifications here.

Furthermore, our practice has been so successful in the past that we regularly have doctors shadow us so that they can learn how a multi disciplined practice works themselves and attempt to implement such a practice where they are. Dr Dave Perna has also held many seminars discussing the practice and was even interviewed on a podcast with fellow sports chiropractor, Dr Kevin Christie.

So the advantages are there to be seen. We offer many different treatment options. We know each other very well and work very closely with one another. We understand each other’s roles and what each department can offer and treat. We talk often on patient issues and are able to come up with carefully planned treatment plans and options designed to get patients out of pain and back doing what they love doing quickly and effectively.

Our practice here in Manhatten has been so successful that we are on the brink of opening up it’s sister, a brand new complex with the majority of the services offered here in New York, but on larger premises in Springfield, NJ. Again, we will be approaching it from the same way we have here in New York and aim to grow and help even more people throughout the community.

If you are in pain, if you are struggling with any injuries, back pain, neck pain or more, come in and see us. We are confident that we can help you and will treat you thoroughly and professionally.

Call us today and make an appointment.


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