What Causes New York Shoulder Pain?

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New York Shoulder Pain

Did you know that over 7.5 million Americans seek help for shoulder pain every year? In New York, shoulder pain is no different and it makes one of the top reasons why patients use chiropractors to get help with their pain.

There are many different reasons for shoulder pain, but the simple answer is anatomy. There are three joints that form the shoulder, namely the glenohumeral joint, the scapulthoracic joint and the acromioclavicular joint.

These three joints should normally work together well, sliding and moving depending on the type of activity undertaken. Due to their highly flexible nature, the chances of injury are increased due to the overall mobility of the joint but the downside is that the joint is generally not stable.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent injury?

Once again, the question of prevention being better than cure comes into play. Before you do anything too strenuous, consider the implications and work out a better way to undertake the activity. You could ask for assistance for example, or remember the proper form for lifting an object. Of course, try and stay in good shape physically, a strong core will mean injury is less likely.

What are some common conditions for New York shoulder pain?

Some popular conditions include tendinitis and bursitis caused by inflammationl arthritis, fracture, nerve damage and instability. While some injuries tend to be acute meaning that knowledge of the injury is known, most tend to be formed by more chronic, long term problems where the initial problem isn’t known. These chronic problems come on over long time and tend to go unnoticed until the pain is bad.

It should also be known that some New York shoulder pain may actually be caused by another part of the body that isn’t functioning properly which could put undue stress on the shoulders.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, come in to be examined as soon as possible. Early intervention of New York shoulder pain is better reversed. We will examine you and try to determine the cause (if it’s from another part of the body, we will treat that too) and help you get your pain under control and the issue resolved.

If you are in pain, contact us now. We have three simple ways you can make an appointment at our Back and Body NY chiro office:

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