What Can You Do for Low Back Pain NYC?

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We see many patients with low back pain in our NYC clinic. It’s perhaps the most common condition we experience. It’s no surprise that it is actually the second most reported issue to doctors in the US. Unfortunately, many people will still seek their medical doctor for help, whereas we as chiropractors have excellent results in getting patients out of pain and back to their lives again. There are numerous studies backing this up.

While you can come into our clinic here in NYC for your low back pain at any time, there are many things you can do to help yourself outside the clinic, at home or even in the office. Here’s some great exercises that can help you get back to full fitness again.

So these exercises are specifically targeting the lower back and are designed for you to do them to help break up overuse of your back if at work for example.

The rules for both these exercises are for you to do without pushing your pain. So you’re going to stretch fully, but not if it hurts. You should take deep breaths for each and do them within your allotted breaks from work. If you can do every 30 minutes, then fantastic.

Seated Exercises:

Sitting Forward Bends – bend forward towards the floor as far as you can go.

Cross Leg Stretch – With one leg crossed over the other, hold your knee and pull it towards the opposite shoulder, arch your back and you should feel a good stretch on your buttocks.

Sitting Trunk Rotations – Twist your torso to the right and left.

Standing Exercises:

Hamstring Stretch – Stand in front of a chair and put one foot on it. Arch your lower back until you feel your hamstring being stretched. Then repeat with the other leg.

Groin Stretch – As per the hamstring stretch, but rotate your torso towards the standing leg. You should feel the stretch in your groin area. Then switch and repeat.

Backward Bends – With your fists firmly behind your lower back keep bending backwards to you reach your limit.

do exactly the same steps as the hamstring stretch but this time, rotate your trunk to the side of the standing leg (away from the stretched leg) until you feel the stretch in the inner thigh or groin muscles. 3) Backward Bends – place your fists behind your low back and slowly bend backwards to a maximum tolerated point.

All these exercises can be done frequently and with minimal impact on your day. Even if you spend just a couple of minutes here or there on them, it will help you to give your back the break and appropriate exercise it needs.

Remember, if you are having any pain and cannot find relief, come see us at Back and Body NY.

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