Use it or Lose it - Your Health Insurance

Life has been transformed dramatically the past 18 months. In early March 2020, life was going on as normal, there was talk of a virus affecting life overseas but not much about it here in the states. Now 18 months on, we’ve seen a massive change in society, masks, division and changes in work and lifestyle. At Back and Body Medical, we even had to close down for several weeks in the early stages.

As a consequence, most people remained at home, ventured out only for essential items and weathered the storm as best they could. As time went by, better understanding of the virus along with a vaccine has somewhat helped recovery. Now in the beginning of fall 2021, thoughts are returning to more mundane things. Like renewing health insurance.

Before looking at next years insurance, look at your current policy. With staying home so much it’s highly likely that many of the coverages you have paid for through your insurance haven’t been utilized. Things like chiropractic care or physical therapy treatments are two such items that you could have taken advantage of but have not.

So with the final quarter of the year upon us and the likely possibility of increased back or neck pain due to working from home or staying home more often, then come in and see us, use your remaining visits before they expire and get back on track with your back and neck health.

Moreover, when you see us, you can discuss the issues you may have been facing with staying home more and we can help identify areas of your lifestyle where we can suggest changes or strategies to prevent pain from occurring in the first place. Something as simple as your home office setup we can help you tweak to ensure you are sitting more comfortably with better posture which helps reduce the chance of back pain.

We’re open and here for you in our Manhattan office. Come in and see us. Let us help you. Take advantage of the insurance you have already paid for.

Call today or schedule an appointment.

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