Types of Chiropractic Conditions We Treat at Back & Body

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As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I’ve treated everyone from ladies who lunch to professional athletes.  Young and old, large and small, I’ve helped all sorts of people with all types of chiropractic conditions.

At Back & Body, we understand that chiropractic is sometimes most effective when combined with a variety of other therapeutic responses.  We answer this reality with a clinical team which includes physical therapists, sports medicine experts, and massage therapists who bring a wealth of experience to our clinic.

When people think of chiropractic, they think of the back.  But it’s not just the back which is served by chiropractic.  We can get to the bottom of pain with leading-edge diagnostics, then target and treat the problem.  From chronic migraines to sciatica and neck pain, upper cross syndrome and lower back pain, our multi-disciplinarian approach to all types of chiropractic conditions is innovative and effective.

Types of chiropractic conditions.

As I said above, chiropractic adjustment is a discipline primarily focused on the care and treatment of the back.  The truth is, though, chiropractic can help with other conditions, including neck strain and headaches.

Headaches (including the dreaded migraine) have a variety of origins.  They can result from stress, strain due to incorrect posture, sitting for long periods, or even deterioration of the cervical (upper) vertebrae.

Sciatica is another condition which can point to a serious problem like a herniated disk, or have other, less obvious origins.  Chiropractic is on the frontlines of sciatica treatment, and we’ve enjoyed great success with sciatica patients at Back & Body.

Chiropractic plus.

It’s important to know that chiropractic is a holistic, patient-centered discipline which takes the patient’s overall state of health into account.  Through one-on-one consultation, chiropractors examine the patient from every angle, employing spinal manipulation and adjustment to address anomalies implicating the spine.

It’s less mysterious than it sounds.  And the truth is that the types of chiropractic conditions treated at Back & Body can sometimes be best addressed by the application of a combination of therapies, drawing on disciplines like physical therapy.

That’s why the multi-disciplinarian approach taken here is so important to me, as a chiropractor.  I know my patients have access to other clinical responses that can enhance and support my work.  As a doctor, I’m part of a team that works together to derive the best possible outcomes for my patients.  That’s an innovative approach I really believe in.

All types of chiropractic conditions treated here.

I’m proud of my work as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  I’m also deeply engaged with the interchange between the therapeutic disciplines and models available at Back & Body.  I believe our clinic’s approach is the wave of the future.

Teamwork and embracing varying approaches serve the patient as an individual.  Chiropractors are patient-centered and patient-sensitive, to begin with.  The personalized care at Back & Body magnifies the very nature of what I do, which makes it even more effective for all types of chiropractic conditions.

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