How to Find a Top-Rated Chiropractic Care Center in NYC

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Matching patients with the right medical practitioner can be tough.  Not everyone “clicks” and most patients need to feel comfortable with the clinicians treating them.  As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to say that it’s a key factor in treatment.

You need to like the person who’s treating you, but you also need to know that you’re in the right place; the place that’s best suited to your issues and challenges.

I’m a chiropractor, so naturally I think you should come to see me. Is there a chiropractor living who doesn’t think they’re the person best placed to relieve your pain?

I’d venture “no”.

But as a chiropractor, I’ve got a distinct professional edge, because I work as part of a team of diversified medical professionals at Back & Body Medical.  We’ve created an award-winning multi-disciplinarian model that brings our patients the best of 4 distinct disciplines.

Here, in one convenient facility, patients benefit from the work of acupuncturists, sports medicine experts, physical therapists and chiropractors.  So, if you’re wondering how to find a top-rated chiropractic care center in NYC, you can stop looking.

You’ve found it, at Back & Body.

Creating possibilities

I’m a highly-skilled chiropractor who’s dedicated to continual professional development.  I want to know what’s next for my patients, so I can serve them with the most up-to-date treatments.

And that’s a value I share with the team at Back & Body.  Together, we create possibilities for people seeking pain relief.  Right here, in the heart of Manhattan, we’ve established a source for pain relief that offers our patients more.

Chiropractic may be exactly what one patients needs, but another may need the support of a treatment or therapy from one of the other disciplines practiced here.  In consultation, we review diagnostic results to ascertain the best way forward.  Next, we assemble a comprehensive pain relief plan, drawing on the riches of the diversified pain relief services here.

Instead of patients racing from one specialist’s office to the next, we’ve created a one-stop clinic which practices patient-centered care and offers excellent outcomes.

We’re proud of our work at Back & Body and the fact that we’ve been able to bring so many people relief.

From court stars to theater people

Pain doesn’t care what you do for a living.  It strikes all kinds of people, doing all kinds of jobs.  From leading stars of the basketball court, to stagehands on Broadway, our services address pain on a highly individualized basis.

A weekend warrior with shin splints.  An investment banker with a bad back.  A computer programmer with carpal tunnel syndrome.  When you come to our ground-breaking facility, we design a pain relief plan that’s geared to your needs.

Because you’re one of a kind.

Back & Body – changing lives

At Back & Body, my chiropractic services are supported by a unique array of therapeutic responses which are being continually upgraded with new knowledge and therapies.

You receive uncompromising care at one location.  Contact us.  We’re changing lives.

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