The Role of the Diet in Manhattan ADHD Patients

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ADHD is a more common condition these days, many children are being diagnosed with it and more and more medications are being prescribed. While medications have their place, there’s lots of other things that Manhattan ADHD patients can do to help their condition and help more. We recently posted an article on the positive effects of chiropractic treatment may have on ADHD patients, but another key component is the role of the diet in Manhattan ADHD patients.

Diet is extremely important to everyone anyway, but finding the right diet for the ADHD sufferer can go a long way to helping themselves as well.

A great deal of research has discovered that zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron and omega 3 fat acids deficiencies can have an effect on stress and neural plasticity that helps with both brain development and healing properties. Children that suffer with ADHD can therefore suffer in learning challenges, memory issues as well as a lack of concentration skills.

Furthermore, a heightened sensitivity to food additives and other preservatives can cause inflammation in blood which can result in poor sleep, irritability, asthma, hay fever, and high impulsive actions. Research has demonstrated that probiotics can play a role in managing this inflammation which may help ADHD sufferers too.

Studies have long suggested that food additives, preservatives and the like do cause problems particularly with Manhattan ADHD patients, causing heightened hyperactivity.

Essential fatty acids along with phospholipids are vital for proper function, especially in the early years of childhood, and the diet is the only way of the body receiving these essential aspects. A deficiency in the diet in these early years has been shown to be a cause of increasing ADHD type symptoms.

Another aspect, which is well known is that diets that are low in protein but high in carbohydrates and sugar is another aspect that does not help the Manhattan ADHD patient.

So while there are many other natural aspects that can affect ADHD positively, diet is one of the key aspects that can be controlled more readily. A mutli-faceted approach which can include chiropractic treatment can go a long way to helping ADHD sufferers and better manage their condition.

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