The Many Problems and Injuries of the Hip Explained by our Manhatten Chiropractor

Hip pain commonly contributes to missing time in a sport or event, along with other important tasks like work or school. Our Manhattan Chiropractor is going to inform you on frequent injuries of the hip.

MUSCLE STRAINS: The number one most frequent hip and groin area injury come from muscle strains. The muscles have a weight bearing job while doing most tasks, especially running, jumping, climbing, etc. Manhattan Chiropractor says you are most susceptible to strains with a more eccentric muscle contractions. This could be lowering the weight during a bicep curl, running down hill, or lowering the bar to your chest while in a bench press.

BURSITIS: Your bursa is a fluid filled sac located where muscles attach to your bone. These aid in lubricating the muscles and tendons when they slide back and forth on one another during sports or activities. We have a few bursas; one in our hip, shoulder, elbow, and knee. Your bursa can be injured if you overuse it, have trauma to it, or a post surgery complication.

CONTUSIONS: This is an area that that be bruised by a harsh blow to the hip. This is where this often happens, and mostly on the side of the hip.

STRESS FRACTURE: Stress fractures are frequently found in long distance runners, but those with a nutritional deficiency and older aged athletes are also prone to this.

LABRAL TEAR: Your labrum is a fibrous ring which borders the hip socket, and helps to hold the hip joint in place. If a tear becomes apparent, patients experience pain, stiffness, and mobility problems.

FEMOROACETABULAR IMPINGEMENT: On the rim of the acetabulum, bone spurs can form. The spurs cause pinching when the hip is moved to its end range of motion. Osteoarthritis can occur from this.

OSTEITIS PUBIS: This muscle attaches to the public bone, and it can occur when the muscle is continuously pulled. Many runners, soccer players, and hockey players suffer from this.

SPORTS HERNIAS: These are found in many athletes whose sports require lots of twisting and turning. They are caused by an imbalance between strong thigh muscles and weak abdominal muscles.

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