The Difference Evidence Based Care Makes

The Difference Evidence Based Care Makes

Did you know that there is a knowledge gap between the abundance of research versus patient beliefs concerning low back pain? Well, Back and Body is here today to give you the facts about low back pain to help you andyour recovery. Evidence-based chiropractors are the conduit to spread credible information about MSK diagnoses to help patients. Today, we will be looking at some of the misbeliefs about low back pain.

What Patients Believe:

  • Having back pain means permanent weakness in your back (49.3%), 
  • Low back pain will get progressively worse (48.0%)
  • Resting is the best treatment (41.4%)
  • X-rays or advanced imaging are required to get the best medical care and correct diagnoses for LBP (54.2%).

What Back and Body Says:

  • Too much rest slows recovery. 
  • Medication is minimally helpful. 
  • Increased activity improves recovery.  
  • Imaging is not helpful for a diagnosis and often leads to a worse prognosis.

So as you can see, there is a huge lack of credible knowledge surrounding the treatment of low back pain. A poor understanding of low back pain leads to incorrect therapies to patients, which results in frustration because of lingering pain. Everyone loses when patients receive care that does not help them.

This is the primary reason we at Back and Body Medical focuses on evidence based treatment protocols. We are continually keeping up with latest research and studies and applying what we learn to what we know and this leads to the high rate of positive patient outcomes we get. Results matter to us and to our patients.

Are you suffering from low back pain? Do not hesitate to give us a call today. 

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