The Benefits of Physical Therapy

physical therapy session

Physical therapy is a core treatment here at Back and Body Medical in Manhattan to helping patients out of pain and return to fitness.

Our treatment looks at helping patients to relieve pain, improve mobility and also help them understand the issues they are having. Treatment is at our practice, but we also ask patients to continue with prescribed exercises and stretches to do at home to help their function. These in home exercises are every bot as important as the therapy we give at the practice.

We focus on four main areas of physical therapy, namely sports, occupational, hand therapy and injury prevention. Looking at the body as a whole is vital to proper healing and our therapies assist in dealing with the issue at hand along with secondary issues that injuries may have caused. We offer collaborative care which means we may use several therapies to help you get back to normal.

You can see the full treatment options we provide by visiting our physical therapy treatment page.

Our main aims with you and physical therapy are:


The examination we look at any X-rays or scans (CAT, MRI etc) to establish what is going on. We listen to your issues and your pain points and understand what you want out of the therapy and where you want to be at end of treatment.


After understanding your condition, we collaborate with one another to formulate the best course of action to take along with our other therapists and doctors. As we progress through treatment, we continually measure and adjust accordingly as to what we need to do if one therapy isn’t working as well as it should. Our determination to help you out of pain is backed by data we see from your progress.


Treatment continues at home with prescribed stretches and exercises which we teach you at your appointments. When you return, we are able to measure your progress and adjust as needed.

Ideal Potential Health

Once treatments have been completed we can then evaluate how the whole process has been and see the benefits of the therapy.

The benefits of physical therapy may even be enough to prevent surgery in extreme cases and it is certainly something that should be tried prior to making a decision in that regard. It is great for pain relief, improved mobility, learning proper posture and much more.

If you are in pain, do not delay. Schedule an appointment and come in and see us. We can help you.

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