Sports Rehabilitation for Improved Performance

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Sports rehabilitation is a part of every athlete’s life, whether professional or amateur.  Injuries happen, especially when you push your body to its limits.

But sports rehabilitation isn’t just for addressing injuries.  Sports rehabilitation for improved performance is a natural fit for professional athletes.  They call on it to stay at the top of their game.  They know their bodies need to be performing at optimal efficiency to achieve their goals as professionals.  It’s their job.

But any athlete can improve performance with the help of sports rehabilitation.

A part of total rehabilitation

Injuries are tricky.  When athletes are injured, they tend to want to get back to their pre-injury state of fitness as quickly as possible.  Even if they don’t make their living playing their favorite sport, they’re still athletes and athletes are nothing, if not driven.

Sport is life to these people, so living without sports is a kind of incarceration they want to end as soon as they can.  Sometimes, that drives them back onto the track, court, field or rink before they’re ready.  And part of readiness is priming the body to perform as well as it can.  That means biomechanical issues and gait problems which may have contributed to the injury need to be dealt with.

So, sports rehabilitation is about creating total balance in the body.  This helps assure athletes of reduced injury risk, as part of the process is advisory.

A professional sports rehabilitation expert is going to make sure you’re ready, that you’re knowledgeable about the issues that contributed to the injury and able to recognize and correct issues which may be contributing to imbalance and localized weakness.

Early recognition and treatment

Early recognition and treatment of injuries is one of the most important indicators of success in sports rehabilitation.  Too often, athletes play through injuries, which only makes matters worse.  Ice is not enough and neither is a period of rest.

Injuries require focused attention from professionals trained to understand how the body works and what happens when imbalance is present due to structural issues which are causing poor mechanics to take their toll.

Once identified, an injury receives targeted treatment with exercises to restore and enhance flexibility and strength.

About prevention, too

Sports rehabilitation is intended to address injuries, but it can also serve to prevent further injury and re-injury of the affected area.  Specifically engaging multiple rehabilitation disciplines, sports rehabilitation works in the initial phase, to reduce pain and inflammation.  Once this has been done, rebuilding can commence.

Depending on the injury in play, sports rehabilitation can engage modalities as diverse as chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy.  Therapeutic tools include functional training, manipulation, muscle reconditioning and bracing and taping, to support recovery.

Back & Body Medical

Back & Body Medical practices an award-winning model of multi-disciplinarian care in the heart of Manhattan.  We treat all kinds of athletes, but we welcome all people seeking effective pain relief.

Sports rehabilitation for improved performance is one of our specialties.  Contact us.  Let’s get you back out there, better than ever!

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