Spinal Decompression Therapy in Manhattan


Spinal Decompression Therapy in ManhattanBack, neck, leg, and arm pain caused by damaged discs can make it difficult for people to pursue their normal, active lives. Disc herniation, degenerative discs, and posterior facet syndrome can all be difficult and painful to cope with. One effective way of treating these problems and regaining your active lifestyle is to opt for spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan. This therapy offers a non-invasive, pain killer free way of healing the discs.

The Appropriate Alignment of the Discs

When you opt for spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan you will be treated with a combination of traction and decompression tables. The pressure applied will be adjusted depending on the extent of your injuries. The traction and the tables stretch the spine and reduce the pressure on the damaged discs. As the pressure on the discs is reduced it also takes the pressure off the nerves that were being compressed, leading to a reduction in the pain. Additionally, during spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan, the discs will also be positioned.

The therapy works by alternating distraction and relaxation on the spine. Though the spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan is similar to traction, it goes beyond that. It uses negative pressure to create a vacuum in the disc that pulls in the hernia. This ensures that it not only treats the pain by actually helps cure the main cause of the pain.

Hastening the Healing Process

The pain reduction and benefits of spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan occur in two ways. One, the pressure on the discs is reduced during the decompression and stretching. Additionally, as the pressure is reduced, the disc is rehydrated, leading to a faster healing, which helps further reduce pain and discomfort.

The Right Frame of Mind

If you undergo spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan, you will be subjected to traction and decompression tables that try to cure your back pain using non-invasive and pain killer free methods. Depending on the extent of the injury to the damaged disc you will require multiple treatment sessions.

However, you will begin to experience relief after a few sessions of treatment, though long term cure will require more sessions of therapy. Patients who have undergone the therapy describe an anti-gravity force that is similar to a pulling sensation. Most patients experience no pain and some even fall asleep during the therapy.

Since spinal decompression therapy in Manhattan is non-invasive and does not require you to take pain killers it is both safe and effective in treating many causes of back and neck pain.

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