Spinal Decompression Near Me on The Upper West Side, NYC

My back pain had become almost unbearable.  I’d heard about spinal decompression, but didn’t know enough about it.  I did some online research, then asked my doctor about it.  She referred me to the award-winning clinic, Back & Body Medical.

Spinal decompression is drug-free and non-invasive, making it a safe alternative for addressing back and neck pain.  I scheduled an appointment with Back & Body to discuss spinal decompression and whether was right for me.

A gentle option.

Spinal decompression near me on the Upper West Side, NYC is traction, but it’s much gentler than the type traditionally used.  The therapy employs a spinal decompression table, traction and other motorized devices.

These are applied in concert, to gradually and gently stretch the spine, which relieves pressure on vertebrae.  Spinal decompression relieves the pain associated with spinal dysfunction by easing that pressure.

The discs between your vertebrae are like shock absorbers.  They cushion the vertebrae to stop them from rubbing together.  When there’s dysfunction, those shock absorbers can be affected.  That stops them from doing their job, resulting in pain.

When pressure on the vertebrae is eased, fluid needed by your discs to cushion them is restored and your discs can absorb shock again.  Once this happens, your brain no longer receives pain messages from your nerves.

Problem solved.

Relieving the pressure is all that’s needed and for that, spinal decompression near me on the Upper West Side, NYC has been incredibly effective.  It’s given me unbelievably fast relief.

After only one session, I noticed a profound difference in the way I felt.  The clinical team at Back & Body Medical was right about trying spinal decompression near me on the Upper West Side, NYC.

Diagnostics that work.

The Back & Body team takes pride in this clinic’s widely recognized diagnostic precision. Diagnostics that work revealed the underlying cause of my pain quickly, so the team could relieve it effectively.

The same diagnostic protocols allow Back & Body to build individualized treatment plans, addressing patient uniqueness.  With leading edge diagnostic tools, the team could clearly see whether spinal decompression was the right treatment for me and proceed with it.

I’m happy I had access to Back & Body’s team of multi-disciplinarian clinicians.  Practicing four disciplines in one clinic – acupuncture, sports medicine, chiropractic and physical therapy – Back & Body’s integrated pain relief model has won awards and it’s easy to see why.

I feel better than I have for many years, with spinal decompression near me on the Upper West Side, NYC.

Evidence-based treatments.

Back & Body takes a conservative approach to pain relief.  Only evidence-based treatments are used at this facility.

Medicine is based on modern science.  Back & Body honors that by bringing patients only those treatments which are grounded in the evidence gathered from medical research.

Back & Body Medical relieved my back pain with spinal decompression near me on the Upper West Side, NYC and restored my quality of life.  Contact them for relief.

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