Spinal Decompression Near Me In Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

My back pain had started to impact my quality of life.  I’d heard about spinal decompression, but didn’t know much about it.  I conducted some online research, then asked my GP about it.  He referred me to the famed pain relief clinic, Back & Body Medical.

Spinal decompression is drug-free and non-surgical, making it an effective option for relieving back and neck pain.  I booked an appointment with Back & Body to find out more about spinal decompression and whether it was right for me.


Spinal decompression near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC is traction, but it’s gentler than the type used traditionally.  The treatment uses a spinal decompression table, traction and other motorized therapeutic tools.

These are deployed in concert, to gently and gradually stretch the spine, which eases pressure on vertebrae.  Spinal decompression relieves the pain associated with spinal dysfunction by easing that pressure.

The discs between your vertebrae act as shock absorbers.  They cushion the vertebrae to prevent them from rubbing together.  When there’s dysfunction, those shock absorbers are affected.  That stops them from doing their job, causing pain.

When pressure on the vertebrae is relieved, the fluid required by your discs to cushion them is restored and your discs can absorb shock again.  Once this occurs, your brain no longer gets urgent pain messages from your nerves.

No more pain.

Easing the pressure is all that’s required and for that, spinal decompression near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC has been remarkably effective.  It’s given me fast, effective relief from back pain.

After one session, I noticed a profound change in the way I felt.  The team at Back & Body was right about trying spinal decompression near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

Advanced diagnostics.

The Back & Body team takes pride in this clinic’s advanced diagnostics. Diagnostic precision revealed the root cause of my pain quickly, so the team could treat it effectively.

These same diagnostic tools allow Back & Body to construct personalized treatment plans which speak to patient uniqueness.  With up-to-the-minute diagnostics, the team at Back & Body could clearly discern whether spinal decompression was the correct treatment for me and proceed.

I’m grateful I had access to Back & Body’s team of diversified clinicians.  Practicing four medical disciplines in one clinic – acupuncture, sports medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic – Back & Body’s multi-disciplinarian pain relief model has won awards and it’s not difficult to see why.

I feel better than I have in years, with spinal decompression near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

Evidence-based therapies.

Back & Body takes a conservative approach to pain relief.  Only evidence-based therapies are used at this clinic.

Medicine’s foundation is modern science.  Back & Body honors that by offering patients only those therapies which are based on the evidence provided by medical research.

Back & Body Medical relieved my back pain with spinal decompression near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC and returned my quality of life to me.  Contact them.  They can do the same for you.

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