Why Am I Sore After a Chiropractic Adjustment?

chiropractic adjustment

Do you feel soreness after a chiropractic adjustment? Don’t worry. To feel sore is a common side effect, and after a short time, it will go away, usually after 24 hours.

You should see your chiropractor regularly to reduce soreness and any other side-effect.

Before the adjustment

Before the adjustment, it’s important that you lie down on the adjusting table with your arms hanging down the table. In this way, you will rest your spinal muscles preparing them for adjustment.

After the treatment

After the adjustment, many people experience relief of their symptoms. They feel more relaxed and gain new energy.

But keep in mind that a temporal loss of discomfort doesn’t mean you now have optimal health. Dislocations have been present for a longer time, and there is a need for several treatments before vertebrae can be aligned.

Some people don’t feel the difference at all. Some might feel discomfort, soreness, and headache.

The causes

  1. Through chiropractic treatment, your body is experiencing detoxification (cleansing). All the symptoms such as soreness, slight fever, headache, lethargy might come because of the detoxification.
  2. It may happen that nerves that were compressed for a long time are now healing.
  3. The muscles that didn’t work well for a long time, are realigning the spine after the treatment. Also, the position of the joint is new, so the muscles start to gain memory of it.
  4. Your bones start to lay out a new bone.

Some tips to reduce your soreness are following:

Apply ice

To stop being sore, a chiropractor may recommend that you use ice after the treatment. Wrap some ice cubes into a towel and apply to the affected area.

Do some exercise

Exercise. The stretches are the best. Also, go for short walks after your first adjustment. Make sure you don’t do any heavy lifting.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Try to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, get some fish. Supplement with vitamin C. Avoid processed food, foods/drinks with a high amount of sugar, and caffeine.

Drink enough water

Don’t neglect your water intake, especially after the treatment. Go for at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Also, continue going to the chiropractic treatments and you will experience a lot of benefits.

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