Smartphones Can Be a Pain in the Neck

young woman texting on smartphone

If you use a smartphone, you need to read this because your smartphone use may be hurting you.

Because smartphones can be a pain in the neck, I see a lot of people who come in looking at me sideways.  They’re not giving me the side eye.  They can’t move their heads.

And the story I hear about the cause of their pain in the neck has become familiar.  I can almost recite it along with them as they tell me their tale of woe.


Smartphones can be a pain in the neck and we’re going to talk about how not to let them be that by following a few simple rules when using them.

An Epidemic

Aching necks and shoulders and/or a headache that won’t go away are the fallout of text neck.  It’s not all about texting either.  It’s about surfing the web, emailing, gaming and all the rest of your life with that mobile device.

And text neck is nothing short of an epidemic.  Even young people are visiting medical professionals about it.  People in their teens.

Let’s look at the facts.  Bending your head over your smartphone exerts 60 pounds of pressure on the upper vertebrae and its supportive structures.

It makes sense then, that switching up your posture is in order.  Keeping your head upright when using your smartphone by holding the device up to your face.  Because if you continue looking down at it, you may be rewarded with everything from eventual disc herniations to pinched nerves.

Early Onset Spine Problems

And this isn’t just about you.  Your kids likely to have their own smartphones.  And you can help them by sharing this information and helping them avoid early onset spine problems.

With young people between the ages of 8 and 18 years spending an average 7.5 hours viewing entertainment media each day, text neck is sending more of them to the doctor for help with pain issues like headaches and a painful neck.

Metabolic Issues

When we slouch as we brood over our smartphones, we’re inhibiting the function of our lungs by as much as 30%.  In turn, the oxygen supply to your blood is reduced and when blood isn’t adequately oxygenated, vascular disease may result.

Another problem with the slouching posture is that crowded organs have gastrointestinal problems.

So, I guess it’s now clear that smartphones can have a much broader effect on your health than a pain in the neck.

Fix Your Posture

Being aware of what your body’s doing while you’re using your smartphone is your best defense against technology-induced pain.  The position of your head is important but understand that your seated posture prevents some of the other complications we’ve detailed, when it’s the right posture.

Keep your shoulders down and back.  Sit with your rear end against the back of the chair and your feet flat on the floor.  Engage your abs.  Do these things and conquer that pain in the neck (among other things).

Pain in the neck?  Reach out for help.

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