Simple Neck Pain Exercises from Back and Body NY

Back and Body NY would like to share some neck pain facts with you. A few years ago, a study found that combining spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), and specific neck exercises can help give you the best long term pain free results. A serious neck injury will require ice and rest, but normal neck pain will heal from the light exercises.

We at Back and Body NY have many exercises we can suggest, but here’s a couples to help your neck pain. Lay your hand on the side of your head and push your head into your hand for about ten seconds. Repeat this from all different angles.

This can also be done forwards, backwards, and even in the opposite direction. Stop if you ever feel any kind of sharpness in your neck.

These act more as warm up exercises, and after you complete then move into more isotonic exercises. Using light pressure, push your head into your hand, but this time allow your head to move all the way to your shoulder. Just like the other exercise, do this forwards, backwards, and in the opposite direction.

If you are worried about putting too much pressure, Back and Body NY suggests that you use two fingers. This will help reduce this issue. You can even do the same exercises without any sort of resistance, but we recommend using some kind of pressure to maximize results.

Chronic neck pain patients are known to have more weakness in the deep neck flexor muscles than regular neck pain patients. Since these muscles are very deep and involuntary, you must strengthen them. You can do this by looking straight ahead, tucking your chin as far as you can, holding it for five to ten seconds, and repeat about five to ten times.

Besides spinal manipulation, mobilization, and exercise, Back and Body NY will use other therapies to ease your neck pain like myofascial release, active release technique, physical therapy modalities, and ergonomic modifications. These will all help you to get back to your normal self and be completely pain free.

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