Shoulder Pain Treatment Manhattan

Shoulder pain is very common. A lot more common than you may think. About 90% of Americans will tear their rotater cuff, labrum, or capsule at one point in their life. Why is shoulder pain so common? Today, our shoulder pain treatment in Manhattan solution will show you how in can be resolved.

The reason that shoulder pain is so common is because of the anatomy of the shoulder. The shoulder socket allows for it to be so mobile. While this mobility is great, it means that there is a decrease in stability. A joint simply cannot be stable and highly mobile. Shoulder pain treatment in Manhattan wants to give you some tips on how to avoid shoulder injury. Here they areĀ 

  1. Do not reach into your backseat to lift a heavy object to the front seat
  2. If you work overhead, make sure to take breaks in between
  3. Incorporate daily shoulder exercises into your routine
  4. Ask for help if you know a task you are doing is going to be too difficult on your own

Out of all four tips, number four is most important. Do not feel bad about asking for help with a difficult task if this means preventing future injury.

If you already suffer from a shoulder injury, we want to make sure that the joint space In between the ball and socket joint and roof of the shoulder are restored. When space is reduced, shoulder injuries are more likely to occur. This is because there is a tighter fit that pinches pain sensitive structures one lifting the arm overhead.

Shoulder pain treatment in Manhattan wants to give you some exercises for your shoulder injury or shoulder pain.

  1. This exercise is called the pendular exercise. Hold 5 to 15 pounds of weight so that the arm swings loosely similar to the pendulum of a clock. This pulls the shoulder joint open which reduces impingement.
  2. Another exercise involves a chair. Grip the seat while you lean to the opposite side, all while focusing on relaxing your shoulder. This will open or separate the joint.

So if you are struggling with shoulder pain, do not suffer any longer. We have the expertise to help you. Schedule an appointment today.

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