Risk Factors for Neck Pain

Treatment Solutions for Chronic Pain

Did you know that 1 in 6 people have neck pain in a given three month time frame? Neck pain causes many issues such as work absences, injuries, and lessened quality of life. Some neck pain risk factors are unavoidable, but not all. 

A study done by some authors from the Department of Orthopedics at Duke University found that requiring lengthened/ awkward neck positions was the most important physical risk factor for neck pain. Some other studies suggest that taking a few breaks to lessen sitting time (with short exercises), can lessen this risk. Improving sitting posture and work station circumstances will also help mitigate the risk.

At Duke University, researchers found that psychosocial risk factors may be even more significant in the development of neck related pain, such as, depression, stress, and muscle tension from these stresses. 

There are also some factors which could lessen the risk for a first time neck episode. These include a supportive work environment, leisurely physical activity, and muscle endurance/strength. 

Older studies have been conducted on the presence of both psychosocial factors and weaker neck muscles in patients with chronic neck pain. They especially looked at weakness of the deep neck flexor muscles. So, it is no shock that these are both important risk factors for first time neck pain onset. 

Treatment guidelines for the management of neck pain include a multimodal, conservative plan. This includes manual therapies such as mobilization and manipulation performed by a chiropractor. More of these include neck exercises, dietary changes, stress and relaxation techniques, and improving sleep quality, which will help heal your neck and reduce the risk for further pain and discomfort. 

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