7 Ways to Prevent and Treat Work-Related Pain

guy having back pain at work

Some of us have jobs that include a lot of bending, lifting, and similar. Those activities put pressure on our joints and muscles, and the outcome is the pain.

Common work-related injuries are sprains and strains. When it comes to mild or severe pain, you need to choose the right treatment.

Our team at Back & Body Medical consists of expert chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors that can develop a custom treatment plan for your condition. We can provide you with integrated and personalized care to ensure fast and efficient recovery.

But, let us first see how to prevent work-related pain.

1. Learn to Position Your Body

Having the right posture is crucial (not just to prevent pain, but in general). When lifting heavy things, be aware of your body and strengthen up your upper part when bending.

2. Don’t Use Much Force

It’s possible to lift something and not put too much force on certain muscle groups. Your muscles react when you’re forcing it. Avoid all unnecessary and harsh movements.

3. Choose a Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle

You might think that food and drink you consume is unrelated to pain. But that’s not the case.

Healthy nutrition is very important, and things such as excessive smoking and drinking affect the way our body feels.

Omega 3 fats and food rich in antioxidants are the best. Take care of your fruit and vegetable intake! Avoid trans-fat, sugars and red meat.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress is our daily reality. It’s almost impossible to avoid it, but there is at least a way to reduce it.

Do your best to relax when you are not at work. If you can, go somewhere where nature is untouched to load yourself with positive energy.

Avoid places and people that somehow drain your life-force. Be good to yourself!

5. Medical Massage

If your pain is mild to highly severe, you should seek professional help. Medical massage treats specific problems and will relieve your pain. Back & Body Medical can do miracles for you!

6. Physical Therapy

When in pain, definitely choose this highly effective treatment. It includes kinesiology, manual therapy, and electrotherapy. It involves exercise. Physical therapy will enhance your quality of life and improve the function of painful body parts.

7. Chiropractic

Chiropractic is one of the branches of alternative medicine. This practice was introduced back in the year 1895. It has a lot of benefits and treats the musculoskeletal system (the spine, other joints, and soft tissues.)

Contact Back & Body Medical for more information. We have a highly qualified team of professionals that will put you back into shape!

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