Effective Physical Therapy Near Me In Midtown, New York

Finding the right physical therapist can be quite an undertaking.  Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone when you’re seeking quality physical therapy.

As an avid fitness fanatic, I needed skilled, licensed support and that’s how I discovered effective physical therapy near me in Midtown, New York, at Back & Body Medical.

Back & Body Medical is New York City’s diversified physical therapy resource.  Their physical therapists work as an integrated team at this innovative facility.   Back & Body patients are presented with a wide array of therapeutic options because of their unique clinical model.  Drawing on disciplines as diverse as chiropractic and acupuncture, their approach is remarkably effective.

Finding the team at Back & Body Medical has changed the way I think about physical therapy.  They treat me like an individual, not a number.  The Back & Body team of therapists works together, delivering exceptional physical therapy near me in Midtown, New York.

Need it?  Back & Body’s got it.

Back & Body uses only evidence-based treatments, proven by medical research.  The scientifically proven therapies they employ work.  I found them because of a recommendation and I wasn’t disappointed by what I found.  Namely, this clinic is a world of treatment options under one roof.  The convenience is amazing.  They serve all my physical therapy needs.

My therapist assembled an individualized plan for me, involving other members of the team and choosing therapies tailored to my needs.

The art of physical therapy is in the connection of the therapist to the treatments in play and how they’ll work for specific patients.  That demands a superior patient-therapist relationship and solid knowledge.  I’m impressed with the care I’ve received there.

From spinal decompression therapy to the Graston Technique, Back & Body Medical’s physical therapy team is amazingly knowledgeable.

I was also impressed to find out that Back & Body encourages its physical therapy team to continually develop their skills and grow their knowledge.  That means I have access to the most advanced treatments available.

Back & Body’s commitment to ongoing skills training and research allows their physical therapists to offer care that goes well beyond what one might usually expect.  With the range of therapies they offer, I get first class physical therapy near me in Midtown, New York.

Instead of going all over town, I find everything I need at Back & Body.  The time I save with this place astounds me.

Having Back & Body Medical’s therapeutic diversity at my disposal has been a revelation.  Whatever I need, they’ve got it, with physical therapy near me in Midtown, New York that works.

Exceptional physical therapy.

Back & Body Medical is an exceptional physical therapy resource I’m grateful I found.  Their patient outcomes tell the story, but I want to spread the news about the great work they do there.

I discovered incredibly effective physical therapy near me in Midtown, New York.  If you’re looking for the same, call to experience the Back & Body difference.

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