On the Risks of Poor Posture

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Posture matters.  Good posture supports the overall health of your body.  Your muscle tone, the integrity of your spine and the wellbeing of your internal organs all depend on modelling mindful posture.  Poor posture can throw your body out of balance.  Modelling poor posture can also give others the impression that you lack confidence, which isn’t your best look.

It’s easy to forget that standing up straight is a life practice we should all pursue.  As we age, we can become less interested about the state of our bodies.  That includes our posture.  People who sit at their places of employment for hours on end, five days a week, can develop posture habits that threaten their health and wellbeing.

Being slumped over a computer all day can cause dowager’s hump, a condition which compromises the cervical vertebrae to the point of fracture.  When we sit all day in a position that’s less than optimum for our spines, internal organs can be challenged to function properly.

The risks of poor posture are numerous.  But the good news is that posture correction is possible, through the application of the corrective therapies available at Back & Body Medical in New York City.

Posture correction is about balance.

The posture correction professionals at Back & Body can not only help you correct your posture, we can determine that it’s a factor in any number of physical ailments you’ve come to see us about.  Using leading-edge diagnostic tools and methodologies, we can identify the source of your problem.  If it’s poor posture that’s causing dysfunction, our therapists can help you correct it.

At Back & Body Medical, our physical therapists and chiropractors form a and expert posture correction team.  We’ll put you on the road to good posture with exercises and therapies that relieve the risks associated with poor posture.

The posture correction experts at Back & Body Medical in New York City will re-train your body to sit, stand and walk correctly.  This is a process which involves the strengthening of your musculature.  To regain correct posture, your efforts complement ours.  We’ll work with you to build you up and alleviate the risks associated with poor posture.

Our team on your team.

Our team of specialists will design a program of posture correction exercises to address your individual challenges.  Your job?  To share our commitment by doing your homework.  With our team on your team, you’ll be on the road to modelling correct posture and maintaining it to live a healthier life.

The risks of poor posture are myriad.  Don’t leave your health to chance.  If you’re concerned you may have postures issues which are impacting your health, come talk to us.  Our team of posture correction therapists will build you up, eliminating the risks known to accompany poor posture.

Contact us.

Don’t let the risks of poor posture threaten your overall health.  Call the professionals at Back and Body Medical.  We’ll get you standing tall, proud and healthy.

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