How Often Should You Get Adjusted?

woman getting chiropractic adjustment

This is a post whose time has come.  There’s no question that the question in the title is the one I hear most often.  It’s closely followed by, “How many times I should I come in for an adjustment?”

Well, how many times should you go to the grocery?  Go running? Get your haircut?  All these questions have answers rooted in the person asking them.  It’s a highly individual, personal matter.

But let’s start with the idea that chiropractic care isn’t a quick fix.  Chiropractic adjustments are pursued to re-establish balance and alignment and to relieve pressure on nerves caused by dysfunction.  Sure, you’re going to feel better after a session, but is it permanent?

A lot depends on you.  You may have a posture problem, or a gait problem that needs to be corrected with diligent effort on your part.  I’m only part of the solution, as a chiropractor.

If you’re coming to me for adjustments and you’re a new patient, I’m going to work with you to re-establish proper functioning.  That takes time because your body has become accustomed to the status quo – misalignment and dysfunction.

Here’s what an adjustment does

Chiropractic adjustment is a means to help your body heal.  How that works is by allowing the nervous system to do its job of talking to your brain.  When there’s dysfunction, the message doesn’t get through.

Active people, or people who have chronic alignment challenges should be adjusted as regularly as once a week.  By the same token, the very active benefit from regular chiropractic visits. Adjustment is a preventative measure which can help you avoid injuries.

So, adjustments don’t just fix what’s broken.  They prevent things from getting broken in the first place.

Working with your chiropractor

As I said earlier, your participation is required, if you’re planning on deriving maximum benefit from your chiropractic adjustments.

That means if I counsel you concerning posture issues which may have caused you to seek out my services, then you need to do the work required to fix those issues.  The same is true of gait issues, text neck, or any other problem you’ve come to me about.

Working with your chiropractor gives you the best chance of healing, when combined with the adjustments themselves.  Chiropractic care treats the whole person and examines the body in terms of its interconnected systems (nervous and skeletal, for example).  It seeks answers in the whole, not in isolated areas.

So, when you show up in my office, you show up for real.  You’re part of the solution and you participate in your own healing and maintenance (should you choose to seek regular adjustments for your overall wellness).

Back & Body Medical

I’m privileged to practice chiropractic care as part of a team of multi-disciplinarian clinicians focused on integrated pain relief solutions.  Here, you’ll find doctors and therapists practicing physical therapy, sports medicine and acupuncture to complement what I do.

At Back & Body, we offer personalized care that brings you award-winning pain relief.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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