New York Chiropractic Care for Headaches?

woman with intense headache

Headaches and migraines affect many people, including New Yorkers. Almost 13% of people who suffer from them used chiropractic care to help control them over the past decade. Studies have also shown that chiro care can have a significant impact on headaches in helping to reduce pain and suffering.

For instance, a 2011 Canadian research team looked at data from 21 studies in order to set up specific recommendations for headache management through chiropractic care. As there are many types of headache, they recommended spinal manipulation for cerviogenic headaches and chronic or episodic migraines. They even suggested massage therapy amongst other forms of treatment too. Further research found that strengthening exercises for flexor muscles and joint mobilization.

For tension type headaches however, not enough data was available to suggest the same treatments could be applied here effectively and thus stated that no recommendation could be made for or against chiropractic treatment on this type of headache.

A further study made by Dutch researchers who trialed 80 patients with the chronic type headaches did however suggest that manual therapy is more effective than usual care in reducing symptoms of chronic tension headaches.

So while chiropractic treatment is certainly beneficial for certain types of headache, it still remains to be seen how it can help other types.

The bottom line is if you do suffer migraines and headaches and haven’t tried chiropractic care yet, perhaps it is worth trying to see if you do find relief from it. At the very least, you should find that you feel better in other ways as an adjustment will help loosen and free joints and improve function.

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