No Child Should Suffer From Neck Pain

Childhood is a precious gift.  It’s a time of life during which we’re free of care, having few responsibilities or worries.  But children, just like everybody else, can experience pain.  When that pain is present in the neck, it can put a real crimp in the wonder of childhood.

Neck pain in children can manifest suddenly, due to intense activity.  But it can also be a sign that your child is in need of physical therapy or even chiropractic services.  Pain persisting for more than a few days is a parent’s cue to seek out professional medical help to alleviate the child’s suffering.   The causes of neck pain in children can be as varied as they are with neck pain in adults.  At Back and Body Medical, our advanced diagnostic practices will identify the problem expeditiously and pave the way for remedial treatment.

Our award-winning treatment and therapy are complemented by advanced diagnostics to get to the bottom of what’s causing your child’s neck pain.  Our team can then assemble a personalized program of evidence-based treatments to correct the problem.  Your child’s treatment plan will speed the way back to childhood – a time of life that should never include neck pain.

We’re comprehensive and integrated.

Our professionals form an integrated and comprehensive answer to neck pain in children.  Employing a range of treatment models, our professionals work with you and your child to systematically address the problem.  We’ll assemble the most effective individual treatment plan based on your child’s needs.  All the childhood neck pain treatment and therapy you need are right here under one roof, for your convenience and your child’s rapid recovery.

Our physical therapists prefer a balanced, evidence-based outlook when it comes to treating all types of neck pain.  At Back and Body Medical, we take a conservative approach that delivers outstanding outcomes for our patients, including your child.  The doctors, therapists and chiropractic specialists here engage realistically, offering you diagnostic and therapeutic excellence developed over many years.

Your child in the best hands possible.

The treatment your child will receive from our comprehensive team of specialists relies on Back and Body’s state of the art diagnostic processes.  Great care is taken to examine the status of each patient and devise an effective treatment plan.  Neck pain in children is something we’re dedicated to alleviating, at Back and Body.  Your child’s health is our priority.

We will engage as a team to help your child recover from neck pain and take steps to prevent re-injury, or resolve any underlying problems.  Our team of medical specialists is here to put the “carefree” back in your child’s life.

Convenient Midtown location.

Back and Body is located in the Midtown New York City, on 58th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington.  Near the 59th-Lexington subway station, we’re conveniently sited to serve our patients.  Call us at 917-832-1802.  Connect with our professional team to receive a timely diagnosis and speed your child back to the joy of childhood.

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