Neck Pain Care New York City Chiropractor Says Redesigning Your Work Station May Help Significantly

Neck pain is very common among hardworking folks. Due to their complete focus on the tasks they need to accomplish for their jobs, they tend to forget about proper posture. They hold the wrong body position for a long time and feel the effects after they’ve completed their tasks.

If they will continue to work this way, no matter how often they get massages and chiropractic treatments, the relief they get from neck pain will only be temporary. Neck pain care New York City chiropractors say, should be a consistent effort. Therefore, for longer-lasting relief, it’s essential to make a few permanent changes.

According to trusted chiropractors, if work creates those tension knots on your neck and shoulders, one of the smartest things you can do is to redesign your work station so your head is not bent and your back is not hunched forward for long hours. Studies show that a standing work desk effectively addresses the issue of bad work posture. An adjustable standing desk will help make sure that your computer monitor is the perfect height for your eye level so your head doesn’t need to jut out for a clearer view.

In addition to that, a standing desk will make sure that you don’t stay in one bad position for a long time. The pressure on your legs can actually make you more mobile in a way. It will make you move around more often because that’s going to ease the discomfort of standing too long. If you’re overweight and the additional weight you have is straining your entire spinal column, shifting to a standing desk will not only reduce the pressure on your cervical disc, but it can also offer the benefit of helping you manage your weight. Most importantly, there are other benefits to switching to a standing desk — you can reduce the likelihood of developing a number of diseases, and it’s known to boost concentration as well.

Another workstation change that you can implement for better neck care is to use a headset for your phone. Multitasking is the operational standard in most offices; you can often be working on the computer and taking calls at the same time. Make this juggling act less physically straining by using a headset instead of a typical phone receiver, which you would need to cradle between your ear and shoulder if your hands are typing away on the computer keyboard.

With these two simple changes you can implement at work, you can care for your neck better and avoid annoying, persistent neck pains that can reduce your productivity in the office.

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