The Neck Pain Breakdown: Finding Relief

neck pain

Neck pain is a common problem that shouldn’t be neglected. Wondering what causes it and how you can relieve the symptoms?

The neck supports the head and is made up of vertebrae (seven bones). Muscles offer additional support. The neck is always moving — that’s why it’s prone to injuries.

If the pain doesn’t stop and develops serious symptoms such as numbness or pain down the arm, seek medical help!

Here are usual causes and some relief tips:

The Causes

The causes of this common discomfort are usually worn neck joints. Of course, this is often the issue when you get older. When you’re young, your joints have not experienced that much usage.

The following are muscle strains. Exactly this happens when you experience pain that comes out of a blue. Also, it comes when you’re not taking care of your posture while walking or sitting long hours at the computer desk. Sleeping in a wrong position can also trigger it.

Sudden neck pain also happens during nerve compression. When vertebrae or disk decline, here comes the pain.

In case of some neck injury, seek medical care immediately. Neck pain can develop days after.

Other causes of neck pain are:

  • psychological issues (e.g., anxiety and panic attacks)
  • being over-weight
  • some diseases, like arthritis.

Relief Methods

There are a few methods you should apply when having neck pain:

  1. May your muscles experience the warmth of a hot bath. The heat makes tension in your muscles to decrease.
  2. Do some exercise! Try to gently move your neck or do some yoga for neck pain. Jogging can also help a lot. In stressful times, muscles are less tense when exercising regularly.
  3. Massage is the best way to find relief. You can do it yourself, but we recommend finding a trained professional. We at Back & Body Medical can help in this way!
  4. Take a painkiller, such as ibuprofen.
  5. Use some ice or heat pads for relief.
  6. Chiropractic for neck pain can yield wonderful results.

Contact us

As we said, it’s important to treat your pain. Contact us at Back & Body Medical. With the assistance of our highly trained staff composed of doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, you will be a new person!

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