Think Outside the Pillbox and Find a Natural Way to Alleviate Your Spinal Pain

man with visible spine holds his back

Nobody likes pain.  When it arrives, it’s normal to take the fastest route to relief (or what we believe the fastest route to relief is).

That usually means reaching for the pillbox.  We know that drugs can stop the pain.

But using drugs to manage pain is problematic.  Many of us do it, but what are the consequences to our health?  Our stomachs and internal organs can be affected, as well as our ability to think clearly (depending on the drug of choice).

With drugs, we’re also not addressing the underlying cause of the pain.  We’re only masking it temporarily.  And when we mask pain, we can deceive ourselves that we’re just fine and that the pain is under control.

While that may be true in some cases, most pain involving the spine requires a diagnosis from a medical professional.  I always tell my patients, “Think outside the pillbox and find a natural way to alleviate your spinal pain.”

Let’s review some of the best ways to address pain without reaching for the pills.

Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective ways to address spinal pain.  Chiropractors are highly-trained professionals with a command of numerous techniques to relieve pain.  Adjustment (most commonly associated with chiropractic) is just one of them.

Manipulation, traction and other key practices under the rubric of chiropractic can all be highly effective to address and relieve pain.

A chiropractor can also help you arrive at a better understanding of how your body works.  This knowledge is a foundation for postural and gait correction, as these are sometimes the causes of spinal pain.

Physical therapy.

Physical therapy is another broad-based discipline that works with the realities of individual patients’ bodies.  A bond is formed between the patient and practitioner, and a partnership is established in treatment.

Through this partnership, the patient comes to understand the physical realities which lead to pain.  Through the application of prescribed exercises, the physical therapist and patient work together to create a symbiosis which both relieves pain and strengthens key areas of the body.


Many people dismiss acupuncture, but it’s an ancient discipline which has been helping people find relief from spinal pain for thousands of years.

The extremely fine needles used target areas of the body responsible for the pain being experienced.  This sterile process is painless and effective to treat many pain issues.

When practiced by a licensed professional, patients who fear needles of any kind have absolutely nothing to fear and everything to gain when calling on this ancient discipline for pain relief.

Multi-disciplinarian care.

As a chiropractor, I’m proud to practice with a team of professionals at Back & Body Medical, offering pain relief strategies which employ the methodologies of four distinct disciplines.  Here, chiropractic is supported by physical therapy, sports medicine and acupuncture, to create a complex of care and highly-personalized treatment.

Think outside the pillbox and contact us for award-winning multi-disciplinarian relief from spinal pain.

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