Worst Mistakes for Treating Your Back Pain

man with back pain

When your back hurts, you’re looking for the fastest way to resolve the pain.  You’ll try anything.  And in our zeal to find the silver pain relief bullet, we sometimes err.  Readers, you’re not doctors, so sometimes folk cures creep into your methodology for treating a sore back.

This post details some of the worst mistakes for treating your back pain.  Thanks for taking them to heart and, when it hurts, for getting in touch with the team at Back & Body Medical.  We’ll find out what’s going on with your back and set you straight.

Heating Pads

While these have their moments, sleeping with a heating pad is a bad idea.  Sure, it may feel good and help you get to sleep but you’re also putting yourself at risk with the threat of an electric fire.

And heating pads used for more than 30 minutes have no proven benefit.  Instead of sleeping with it, try applying it for the requisite 30 minutes just before you sleep.  Then, apply tiger balm or another muscle warming cream like Ben Gay.  This will help your muscle relax so you can sleep.

Holing Up

When something hurts, the temptation is to take to our beds and feel sorry for ourselves.  But this is the worst thing you can do.

While it’s true that you need to rest, coming to a screeching halt reduces blood flow and leads to increased stiffness.  That just makes things worse.

Instead, try light stretching and maybe a walk or a swim at the local rec center.  You may even find a hot tub to enjoy there and those are great for hurting back muscles.

Popping Pills

You knew this was coming.  I’m a chiropractor, so my focus is on relieving pain naturally, without the aid of drugs.  While drugs have their place, masking your pain with painkillers doesn’t solve the problem.  And when pain is masked, it’s easy to make your injury worse, as you feel better than you do when you’re not using them.

Drug use can become chronic, when the drug you’re taking becomes a habit.  That can lead to addiction, clouded thinking and judgement and other health complications.

If you’re at the point at which you feel pharmaceuticals are your only hope, then reach out.  Come and talk to me and the team at Back & Body.  We’ll get to the heart of the problem and help you feel better.

Someone Walking On Your Back

Of all the crazy responses to back pain, this has got to be the craziest.  How many of us remember our dads asking us to do this as kids?  While it may have been some great family fun, we weren’t doing dad any favors!

You can really hurt yourself this way.  Cracked ribs, sprains, strains and fractures are only some of the consequences of this desperate measure.

Failing to Come See Us

Have the kids been walking on your back? Stop the madness!  Let the team at Back & Body help.  Contact us.

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