What is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome? Manhatten Doctor Explains

What is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome has the common name of shin splints. It’s an injury that typically forms when the tendons, bone tissue and muscles are overworked, and generally occurs when an exercise activity is intensified. We see many people weekly in our New York Clinic here in Manhatten and help our patients recover and also present them with rehab work to get them back and training quickly.

What are the symptoms?

The general symptoms are described aptly in The American Medical Association defines shin-splint syndrome as “Pain and discomfort in the lower leg. It is caused by repetitive loading stress during running and jumping, and occurs in 4% to 35% of athletic and military populations. The diagnosis should be limited to musculoskeletal inflammation, excluding stress fractures or ischemic disorders.”

So how does it form?

While the exact cause is still not really known, it can be seen to be caused by an increase in workload on the tibia in which is becomes unable to effectively absorb the shock of this extra load on it. An analogy would be if the shock absorbers on your car were old an worn and the car is then taken over rough terrain, they simply wouldn’t be able to absorb all the energy of the increased workload.

How is it diagnosed?

Any physician should be able to diagnose the condition relatively easily. We make the diagnosis and Back and Body on regular basis so are very in tune with what to look for and will be able to apply the correct therapy and treatments accordingly.

What is treatment?

Firstly, rest and ice is generally advised. The ice is to help reduce inflammation and the rest to provide the injury to heal properly. Once the pain and inflammation is under control and reduced, then activity is slowly introduced. Low intensity strengthening exercises are gradually introduced but if any pain returns, these should be stopped immediately. It can take several weeks depending on the severity of the injury to heal properly.

If you suffer from medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints) or feel that you might be, make an appointment to come in and see us. We can treat you and help you with a course of rehab to get you healed properly and back up to full fitness. Remember we treat Olympic athletes on a regular basis, helping them return to full health and fitness to do what they do well.

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