Man’s Best Friend May Help You Get Fit

a little cute dog holding a leash in his mouth

Dogs.  Everybody loves them.  Coming in all shapes and sizes, our canine buddies bring joy and unconditional love into our homes.

Many people swear that their canine companions keep them fit, too.  Normally sedentary people are transformed in the energetic presence of a dog, because dogs of all kinds need to get out and explore.  There’s nothing that gets a tail wagging faster than the promise of going “walkies”.

When there’s a dog in your life, you have a sacred charge – to get Fido out and about for daily exercise (and to do those doggie things we need plastic pick up bags to address).

In this post, let’s talk about how man’s best friend may help you get fit.

Energy to burn.

Most dogs have energy to burn.  Younger dogs, especially, live for interactions with humans that involve getting out of the house and walking, or playing.

That’s why there’s nothing better than a dog to keep you honest about the state of your fitness.  If you’re the kind of person who makes excuses about getting in better shape, they’re the ideal solution to the problem.

Dogs don’t take excuses!

People who’ve suffered an injury or who are in the process of recovering from surgery, will also find a helpful motivator to move more, with a dog around.  The little rascals need you, but you need them too.  You need them to push you when you feel more like sitting around than moving around.

Dogs and seniors.

It’s easy for some seniors to get in a rut, especially if they live alone.  Many seniors tend to become isolated, preferring the quiet and security of their homes to venturing outdoors.  That means that except for grocery shopping, seniors tend to stay indoors more than they should.

With a dog in the picture, two needs are readily fulfilled.  Seniors find companionship and entertainment in a canine friend.  They’re also given a reason to get outside and walk around.  That means they’re more likely to have quality interactions with their neighbours, every day.

The benefits of dog ownership for seniors go well beyond being more active.  Dogs can help seniors create a stronger sense of a community and belonging.  People in the street are much more likely to stop and talk to those who are out walking their dogs, including seniors.

Your personal trainer.

Walking is a proven way to help maintain muscle tone and bone density.  Appropriate for all levels of fitness and stages of life, it’s a great way to get yourself moving.  When you have a dog, you have a reason to get out and walk and to see life from a whole new perspective.  You’ll meet dog lovers, dog owners and even other dogs.

Put succinctly, dogs make keeping fit fun and having a dog means you get a workout buddy who’s always ready to go outside and take the day by storm.

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