What Makes Graston Technique The Ideal Therapy?

IMG_6411Accidents will happen, injuries will occur — and through it all, the incidence of pain. When pain sets in, your entire day could be affected, which is not at all ideal when you happen to be a very active person. No one wants to endure pain — nor should you have to, what with the advances in medicine. And when it comes to all sorts of pain and certain conditions, one modern therapy is leading the way in non-invasive and quick recovery treatment.


A Specialized Massage

Graston technique is a specialized kind of massage that uses unique handheld instruments. This manual form of therapy mobilizes soft tissues with six core stainless steel Graston instruments, which feature rounded edges and are not sharp. These specially designed tools are intended to uncover and treat soft tissue injuries. And they are also formed or molded according to a particular area of your body: the neck, the hand, or the leg.
How are the tools able to identify injured areas? The instruments work in the same way as a stethoscope does, but instead of amplifying sound, the Graston tools amplify touch. When an anomaly is detected, you and your specialist will feel a distinct bump or grittiness. Your specialist will then use cross-friction massage, which will increase the amount and rate of blood flow around the injured area, setting off the healing process. A usual treatment will take some three to six minutes.


From Faster Recovery to Reduced Medication

Beyond the quick treatment every session offers, Graston offers other numerous benefits that make it the ideal form of therapy. With typical treatments performed twice a week over a four- to five-week period, Graston is known to decrease overall treatment time. In fact, most patients have reported positive results by the third or fourth treatment. So you’ll also experience faster recovery.


Another key benefit to choosing Graston is that it is able to diminish the need for anti-inflammatory medication and it allows you to continue with your usual activities. You can still go to work and go about your daily routine at home. Practiced by 13,000 clinicians the world over, Graston is also used by NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball trainers. Moreover, the technique is widely recognized for treating chronic conditions that were once considered to be permanent.


If you have the following conditions, you can see about getting Graston therapy from licensed practitioners: neck pain, back pain, knee pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff, fibromyalgia, shin splints, and post-fracture pain.



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