pic_services_3Muscle pain in the lower back, shoulder, neck, or other parts of the body after a sports injury, illness, or surgery can cause immense discomfort and affect your quality of life. Many times, the condition reduces your mobility and the range of motion possible. In such cases, prompt treatment by a physical therapist can help alleviate the pain in the short term and ensure better healing in the long term.

Often times, the first step is the primary care physician referring you for a midtown physical therapy electrical stimulation course.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

The certified physical therapist will first examine the patient and determine the treatment course depending on the health conditions. The physical therapist will design a customized therapy that could include various treatments such ultrasound, cold laser, and electrical stimulation. The midtown physical therapy electrical stimulation can be part of the treatment depending on the cause of the pain and the level of the injury sustained.

How Physical Therapy Electrical Stimulation Works

The midtown physical therapy electrical stimulation involves the application of a procedure called TENS. This is the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation that is used to contract specific muscles and also shut off the nerve impulses being transmitted to the brain. In this procedure, an adhesive with electrodes is fixed on the area to be treated so that controlled levels of electricity can be passed to the specific muscles being targeted. When the electricity is passed, the muscles contract in almost the same manner as they do when you exercise. This helps increase blood flow to the muscles, speeding up the healing process.

Pain is also controlled in the short term as the nerve endings are shut off, ensuring that the brain does not receive the pain signals for some time.

Advantages of Non Invasive Procedure

Midtown Physical Therapy electrical Stimulation is a non-invasive procedure. This ensures that there is lower risk of infections. Additionally, it does not require any medications or pain killers, minimizing the risk of side effects.

Incorporating TENS as a Vital Part of Pain Relief Treatment

Midtown physical therapy electrical stimulation can be an important part of the treatment to help those recovering from sports injuries, illnesses, or surgeries reduce their muscle pain and improve their mobility and range of motion. While the therapy cannot address the root cause of the pain and discomfort, it can be used to minimize the acute pain and improve the outcome of chronic pain by strengthening muscles and increasing the mobility of the patients, and so on.

Back & Body Medical offers specialized midtown physical therapy electrical stimulation that helps patients overcome short-term and sometimes overwhelming muscle pain.

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