How to Loosen Tight Trap Muscles - NYC Chiro Shows You How

How to loosen trap muscles

We realize life gets crazy sometimes and you are not always able to get in and see us at Back and Body in our Manhattan location when you have a problem, although we would always encourage you to come in especially if you have a more serious issue.

We know many of you get tight trap muscles in your upper back and trap area, and while we’d like to see you, we’ve put together a quick video showing how to ease that tightness in that area.

The video starts by showing you how Dr Clancy (or myself) would typically treat you using the Active Release Treatment (ART) and then moves on to show you how you can do it yourself at the gym.

So what you can do is to have a strap and wrap it around your shoulder and across your body, similar to how you might carry a satchel.

Next, bring the arm that the strap going over it up into a sling and ensure that your forearm is vertical. The bicep region of your arm should be horizontal, so you form an ‘L’ shape with your arm.

Next you will lean in towards that arm while keeping it at the same position. You will effectively be pinning the muscle and using a similar range of motion as to how we would be doing it in the office.

Check out the video below for more clarity to see how this works in action.

Remember, if you are in pain we can help. We can help reduce or remove pain and get the body moving more properly to avoid injury. When out of pain, you can enjoy life more and perform better.

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